Age 25 – ED gone, thinking clearly, temptations nil

I had been an addict to masturbation since I was 16 (I’m now 25). Addiction does not begin to describe what I had. Started with medical material and ended up with all kinds of weird porn. From 3-4 times a week to 8-9 times a day (my balls hurt so badly the next day). I had been through it all.

I was bored? Fap. Alone? Fap. Woke up early to study? Fap. The turning point came when I read this article on brainpickings (a great site BTW) which had the Gary Wilson video and boom, my life changed.

The first thing I decided on that night was to stop PMO. Deleted my 20GB stash. I thought quitting cold turkey would be very hard. But, reading some accounts here really helped me. I made up my mind that if I did not grab this chance, I would never stop going downhill. Since then, I’ve stopped both porn and fapping. And I love myself for giving it a chance. I’m engaged now! (totally unrelated though)

The toughest part was in the 20-45 day flatline region when I couldn’t get any reaction to stimulation like watching a random chick on the road, however hot 🙁 Was almost tempted to reset. With patience, I feel I’m back to normal (whatever that is). Have random boners when talking to the fiance on the phone.

Benefits: No superpowers! I’ve noticed at least two other girls that I had an eye out for and was afraid to approach, strike up a friendly conversation with me. But since I’m engaged, no interest in that department. The most important benefit that I’ve seen is time. It’s like a whole part of my day that was trapped in meaningless fapping has been freed up.

I’ve felt my thinking has been clearer and more coherent. There’s no more temptation now. Looks like the ED issue has been dealt with!

Issues: The flatline period is extremely frustrating. Conquer this and you will be at peace. No other cons.

Anybody out there starting or trying to get nofap into your mind, one piece of advice: Do it, you will be happy that you’ve made the correct decision. Thanks reddit for changing my life 😀

First attempt. Day 95. Wow, it works.

 by windshift30394 days