Age 25 – ED: Rewired to real sex

Here’s my situation: 9/24/2012

I’m 25 years old and during sex I often loose my erection while penetrating, sometimes I don’t even get hard enough to penetrate. When I use cialis it works fine to keep the penis erected enough to penetrate, but the I suffer of DE since it doesn’t help to solve the fact that I don’t get excited enough.

This weekend:

After 3 weeks of reboot with one relapse (only MO without death grip)  I tried to have sex. I wanted to be sure to be  able to keep an erection at least to penetrate so I took a pill of cialis. And it worked BUT this time I experienced no DE, the hardness of my penis was considerably stronger and I was able to have sex 2 times at night and once in the morning. Finally, after I was able to have anal sex and come with no DE, I had a real confidence boost and I realized it wasn’t just the effects of cialis (in the past because of anxiety I even failed a few times despite having taken these pills).


I’m very far away to be cured. First my performance was “doped” and second I wasn’t always able to keep it rock hard during the intercourse, in fact when changing positions my penis went limp a few times and I needed her to touch me a bit to return hard (even though it would return hard quite fast).

Anyway what I understood and I want to say to those who still have doubts in their minds about whether porn is really  the cause of their problems is: maybe it’s not the primary cause of your problem, maybe it’s more a psychological thing linked to anxiety etc., most of the times is both (my case) but if you have ED or DE then porn is to these what smoke is to lung cancer.

Link – After 3 weeks of reboot I tried to have sex.

BY – simkais7


UPDATE  – Quick recovery, really unexpected (1/08/13)

OK this is my story, I’m not sure it can be helpful for everybody but it sure can be for some and those are the ones who I’m writing for.

I’m 25 years old and started masturbating very early, I don’t even know when but I remember I was not cumming and I couldn’t understand what I as doing it just felt natural. I also started masturbating with internet porn very early, around 13-14 years old.

I tried to have sex for the first time when I was 18 years old and it was a big failure, at the time it was probably the result of frequent masturbation with internet porn but that episode made my problems worse in the years to come since I couldn’t realize it was just because of PIED. After a few failures caused, now I know, by a mix of anxiety and PIED I tried cialis and I solved the embarrassment problem, but it still felt weird.

Finally in September I came across YBOP and it took 1 month of no PMO to have sex without cialis and 3 months to be completely healed. Very quick then.

Now I admit that from time to time I still watch porn on the internet since my gf lives in another city(but still less frequently than before), I know it’s not a good thing and I advice you not to do it even when you feel healed. But incredibly now it doesn’t affect my performance at all (but still I know if I would do it more frequently it would).

So I don’t know if it counts for everybody, probably not, but in my case  when I started avoiding PMO I finally succeeded in feeling emotions which I was not able to feel before and I became much more mentally connected to real sex because of that.

Call it rewiring, I don’t know, but the point is in my case I have never been wired before and now that I am I know I could masturbate 3 times a day for a week and still be able to have sex (definitely not advised).

So for those of you who are young and never experienced real pleasurable sex before (so not necesserely virgins, I wasn’t), relax and don’t start being paranoid about the status of your penis during your reboot. Be confident and don’t PMO, if you manage to defeat PIED at least once (and it will happen) then you will treasure emotions and sensations which will stay in you memory and will serve as a big weapon against PIED.

That’s why some of your friends PMO and their problems are not as bad as yours, they are wired you are not.

Now sometimes I try to remember what I felt when I couldn’t have an erection, cause it just seems so strange and unnatural now that I always get horny with my gf and the same will happen to you, you’ll see :D.

Hope it was helpful, good luck to you all  ;).