Age 25 – ED seems cured

Hi everyone! ;D This is my first post and I told my story here – If you wanna read it.

I dont have the need to watch porn anymore, and I have watched it twice in the period of two months, which was basicly the same video.
I have masturbated maybe three times total in the span of two months, without porn and no sexual thoughts, just the touch alone was enough to get me going.
I started dating this girl, told her everything after I noticed I had problems with erections , and she understood and gave me time and we didnt rush into sex, but eventually I had a boner from making out with her and we decided to go with it. I came in 20 seconds and whoops my virginity was gone, now we have had sex maybe 10+ times after that and I have improved my sexual skills a lot compared to where I started, I can maybe perform twice-three times a day with sex, and a few times the day after. But I still cannot cum from getting a blowjob , even if she’s absolutely amazingly good at it,

My question is:

When do I know I’m healed? I do get random erections throughout the day, I have strong cravings to have sex but zero to none porn fantasies, but I also noticed that I lose my 100% erection when I have sex for the 3th-4th time the same day, I have maybe a 80% when we have done it beforehand but the first sex of the day it’s 100%.

We usually meet up once a week with a sleepover (Purely sexual relationship as friends)

Sometimes I get a raging boner just making out, sometimes I need help from a short blowjob (1min max) to get me going, but thats usually after I have already had sex once or twice. I have zero performance anxiety nor the stress, I just enjoy sex for what it is.

PS: I know having sex while rebooting isn’t the smartest some say – but I think in my case it actually  helped me since I had no pathway linked to real touch and now I do.. 🙂

LINK Former Porn addict/virgin wondering about when you are “rid” of PIED

by angeleyes88



Thanks! I am very proud, I finally feel like I can do what i always wanted to do (lots of sex)  ;D. Yes I did experience the dreaded flatline which actually caused one of my few masturbations sessions, but I never let myself drift away with any additional thoughts just purely touch. I noticed I woke up and my dick was pretty much dead, no reaction, no lust no anything, and that lasted for a week or so.. after the week I had to touch to see if it was still alive and it didnt react at all, it was sleeping, then I tried to apply sexual thoughts from the girl i was dating and it slowly but surely woke up, then I fapped real fast and came, I regretted it so much afterwards, but I kept it short and only once..I probably delayed the whole progress a bit but not so much that it ruined my progress.