Age 25 – Gay: ED cured in 150 days. More successful in my work.

I started NoFap 5 months ago, and it is a decision that I will never regret. I started NoFap because of strong ED problems, I was completely desensitized and could only get hard for several seconds at a time (and even then, I was semi-hard!). Quick summary about myself: I’m 25, gay guy, had sex for the first time at 25, and realized something wasn’t working properly! I used to fap to porn every day (for more than 10 years), once or twice a day, edging as much as I could before O’ing (each session would last around 40mn).

First of all, here is a timeline of my last 5 months so you could understand my journey better.

Day 1 through Day 75: complete abstinence.

Day 76: Fooled around with someone, no more ED, but DE, had to finish myself. O’d twice.

Day 82: Wet dream.

Day 89: Fooled around with someone, no more ED, but DE, had to finish myself. O’d once.

Day 95: Fooled around with someone, no more ED, but DE, had to finish myself. O’d twice.

Day 109: Wet dream.

Day 123: Wet dream.

Day 144: Deliberately fapped by myself (without P), and it felt very healthy (I was beyond horny).

Day 149: Deliberately fapped by myself (without P), because of intense blue balls I had due to a date that went really well that night (well, yesterday!). This time it didn’t feel good at all, while fapping I wasn’t even excited, and it brought back old bad memories (from before NoFap). So:

Day 150: I’m resetting my badge, only because I disappointed myself for the 1st time in 150 days.

That said, I am extremely proud of what I have achieved, because:

  • I have been off porn for 5 months (and I don’t crave for it anymore),
  • I am more productive,
  • I am more successful in my work,
  • I am in better shape,
  • I sleep a lot better,
  • I am a lot better at socializing than before (even if this never was a real issue for me to start with),
  • I get morning erections almost every morning (this never happened to me once for years),
  • I get random erections, even to the simple thought of kissing someone!

After curing my ED, my objective now is to cure my DE problem. I will once again rely on NoFap for that and see if I still see some more progress. In a way, I am glad that I relapsed yesterday because it made me remember how useless and not pleasurable it is to fap for no reason (I still believe that there are times where fapping is healthy though, but I am going to prevent myself from doing it because my reboot is not complete yet).

Finally, I would like to thank everyone here in this community. Your stories helped me a lot during those times when I was down, feeling lonely, and never seeing the end of it. NoFap works, be sure of that. Stick with it, even at your own pace, have a clear objective about what you want to achieve, and you WILL get there.

Thanks again and have a great weekend everyone!

LINK – Day 150 – A new fresh start.

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