Age 25 – Gay man: Lost my virginity. Mental clarity and motivation greatly improved

25 year old here. Have made a few weak attempts in the past to do nofap but so far this is my longest streak. The benefits have been awesome since starting, here’s what I’ve noticed so far:

I previously masturbated so much that in combination with my other hobbies and type of work I actually had painful RSI in my wrist. It crippled me at work and in the gym. I used to have hour long or more fap fests where afterwards I felt like shit because my wrist felt awful and I knew how much damage I was doing. This was the main reason I started nofap. After 30 days, I have pretty much no pain at all which leads to the next bonus:

  1. No pain at work means I can enjoy my job more (casino dealer) but my gains at the gym have jumped massively. There were some lifts I would find really painful for my wrists. Now I’m at the stage where I can do whatever lifts I want. Also the increase in energy has really helped and I have better pumps and more dedication.
  2. I have definitely had the effect of more confidence and more attention from women, the funny thing is I’m gay so I’m not even actively trying.
  3. Lost my virginity, definitely a late bloomer here. I’ve had sexual encounters before but never all the way. The last sexual encounter I had before I started nofap I suffered from ED and it was extremely embarassing because the guy was really hot. While I eventually managed to get an erection and deliver, it was a heavy blow to my confidence. By the beginning of the third week of nofap I was so horny I just had to bust a nut somehow and I figured the only legal way was with a willing participant. Skipping the details, I found someone and easily performed this time round (twice) and had a great time. For any guys, gay or straight who are late bloomers like me, keep at NoFap and your virginity won’t last long.
  4. Vivid dreams – My dreams lately have been very detailed, memorable, entertaining and very creative, kudos brain. I did experience the dreams of fapping and watching porn once or twice. But lately they have been more ‘naturally’ sexual.
  5. Raging boners and Morning Woods – Morning Woods are such a double edged sword, on one hand they feel great and let you gauge your erection strength progress and recovery. On the other though they are solely responsible for the close encounters I’ve had with relapsing. I can now get a mental boner which before starting nofap was very difficult.
  6. Mental clarity and motivation – Shits just getting done now I started nofap. I have the energy, time and motivation to clean up around the house, run errands and start/finish projects.

Anyway thanks for listening to my progress, I hope it motivates other fapstronauts to keep going, but mainly to get anyone who has never tried NoFap to start.

LINK – Reached day 30. My Results…

by CosmicSignificance