Age 25 – I also realized I actually used to be a sex addict.

Longest streak I’ve ever been on, and at this point, the mere thought of fapping has become repulsive. Not in a immature, reactionary way – rather, I am so persuaded deep down that this behaviour has absolutely no place in the life of the man I am becoming.

I also realized I actually used to be a sex addict. I always omitted this possibility because I was never the type to be constantly getting laid. I’ve had my share of success (slept with around 20 women, I’m 25) but the amount of energy and time I used to spend in obtaining sexual gratification is MIND BOGGLING.

Whether it was clubbing (clubbing is cool with a co-ed group, but I would go out twice or more week with some buddies with the purpose of hooking up), pornography, massages, prostitutes or Craigslist ads …boy oh boy, I had a problem.

The funny thing is that I’m actually a good looking guy who’s very well educated and well travelled, so you gotta wonder what kind of self-esteem I had going on to resort to such methods. Fapping was one of the ways (perhaps the most self destructive, since it’s so accessible) through which I would attempt to fill this inner void with numbing yet mindless pleasure.

Now I’ve quit ALL of that, and my life has been transformed. When you break bad habits, you also have new free time, and I’ve been doing more sports, yoga, and even a bunch of random stuff in Chicago.

When I now see erotic scenes in movies, It doesn’t turn me on in a ‘triggering’ way. I smile, recognize that this looks appealing, and that I should work on making it happen in my life more often but that’s it. I’m liberating myself, and so should everyone else here. Good luck my brothers

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by freefromdesire