Age 25 – Increased energy & motivation, Clarity of thoughts, Big boost in confidence, Feelings of love slowly returning


I’ve made it to 50+ days (cold turkey – first try) and I feel that I´m definitely on the right track with this change in lifestyle. I tend to go 90 days and then cut off next bad habit (gaming) alongside continuing NoFap. As others have said: I will most likely never go back to porn.

Benefits so far:

  • Significant boost of confidence
  • The will to begin conversations
  • Clarity of thoughts
  • Increased pure life energy and motivation
  • A beast at the gym, and a sense of bigger reward after workout in terms of feel good.
  • People, both men and woman seem to be more eager to engage with me.
  • The feeling of love is slowly returning <3

LINK – 50 days of NoFap <3

by WankSenpai