Age 25 – It feels like the disconnect between my brain and my penis has finally begun to recover

I’m 25/m. I’ve been doing NoFap for a year and this is the first time I’ve reached 90 days with absolutely no porn and no edging (I had a previous streak where I reached 90, but was edging every day). I would describe this streak more as hard medicine than a nutritious meal – more about recovery and discipline and less about superpowers or things happening in my life. I have chosen to wait until NoFap is finished before seeking a woman.

It’s been a strange experience, very different to my previous attempts and there have been a lot of negative things happening in the background too. I had a close relative experience a Parkinson’s-related decline, something which as put immense stress on me and my family. I’ve had my home, area and work-routine disrupted by flooding, and I’ve generally had a lot of stress from work and studying (I work full-time and do a part-time degree). I am particularly happy that I maintained in NoFap for this period. I’m not sure whether this context had anything to do with it, but for the first 73 days I felt nothing, a total flatline. I felt like I had lost my sexuality as a man – whereas before I had kept stimulating my brain with pictures/videos, now there was nothing and it withdrew any libido from me. I didn’t get any erections – that I knew of – during this period as well.

Then, on around day 73, my libido returned with a vengeance, and I felt awesome. The increased energy, the competitiveness and the vigour most people associate with superpowers were there in full force. But I felt like I had been given power that I couldn’t fully utilise – that it spread out everywhere, became aimless, directionless, and I was punished for this by a series of wet dreams – 4 in total in one week – that I found incredibly debilitating.

Though these dreams had a significant effect, the discipline, the strength that has become part of my character from NoFap remained, and for that I am grateful. Wet dreams used to destroy me, making me frail and feeling exactly like a fapper for a few days. They still do have an impact, but not as much. I had one last night and, whilst the effect is noticeable, it is fine, and I’m ready to go out tonight and look for some women.

The remaining part of the story is that I feel sexually energised again. After some time had passed following the wet dreams, my libido re-emerged and I felt like a true man again. Crucially, I started getting erections everyday and having (non-wet) dreams about sexual activity. It feels like the disconnect between my brain and my penis has finally begun to recover, and I’m immensely grateful to NoFap for this.

I’m now ready to continue this lifestyle indefinitely. Now that I’ve finished, I’m ready to take on my other demons – a lack of a girlfriend, procrastination, being the best I can be in every area of my life etc. Nothing can stop me from doing this and for that confidence I thank NoFap.

LINK 90 Day Report.

by lentax2


113 Day comment

Yes, it is [normal to feel asexual during a reboot]. No one seems to be sure of the precise cause, but it is reasonable to think that the denial of large amounts of stimulation may reduce sexual desire. It means that your brain is recovering – though I understand it can be uncomfortable, as it makes you question yourself and your vitality. But when it returns, it comes with a vengeance. Mine has just returned and I am unbelievably aroused most of the time, which is a problem in itself, but one I’m grateful for.


UPDATE – Five Month Report.

It’s been five months of no PMO, the longest streak of my 2+ years of doing NoFap, where this community has grown from a tiny band to what now looks like a mass movement. This particular journey has been different. I didn’t experience many superpowers in the first 100+ days, which was mostly a flatline. Quite a lot of the time, I felt emasculated, and the biggest temptation during this period was not to PMO for pleasure, but to PMO to feel like a man again. This is the true danger of the flatline, and shows how the sexual drive can attack a man in many dimensions – it goes to the root of your character and not simply to pleasure versus discipline.

Since about 120 days, I have felt great. I feel like a vital force is flowing through me – I have so much energy, drive and determination, and the extra discipline I have from learning to channel this has helped me focus to an unprecedented degree on my work and on my gym training. I have also established what I would call initial connections with women, but these are all very early stage at the moment, so we’ll see what happens. In general, though, I feel much more attractive to women, as a result of the increased vitality, I definitely get noticed much more on the street. Socially, I feel much more able to connect with people, especially in one-on-one individual interactions. I seem to be able to ‘plug into’ their personality better, to understand their motivations and shape my responses. I’m not sure if this is NoFap related, but I think it might be from becoming more human again after recovering from the dehumanising experience of pornography.

I admit, I have not completely eliminated looking at non-nude stimulating pictures, and this is a challenge I will face in the next 30 days and I am targeting its elimination. I think this will make a difference – my dopamine levels are still being spiked through it so abstinence should be the final reversion back to a normal healthy brain. May you all be successful on all of your challenges!


EARLIER POST50 Day Update – A Revolution in Progress.

My background is similar to many here – I used to fap once, sometimes twice or three times, a day, to different types of porn. It ruined my sex life – I disappointed numerous women through ED, and it ruined many potentially good relationships.

Nothing used to stop me in my drive to masturbate – I did it regularly in school classes over women; with other people in the same room, and in friend’s beds if they let me stay overnight. I am disgusted with this.

I had always thought that I wanted to control this, and I had tried before NoFap (going 19 days), but it never lasted. Like many here, this community has been what inspired me to do it properly, and I could have never reached fifty days without NoFap existing. It truly is amazing.

I’ve had an interesting experience. NoFap has really changed me for the better. I feel much more confident, more like I am taking charge of my life, and more manly. I have so much more drive and determination, and I’ve been asking out women in my social network, one of which I’ve been dating. During my first phase of NoFap, on about day 32, I had an interview for the type of job I had wanted for some years. I got it, beating off 71 other applicants, and I don’t think it was a coincidence that this came at the same time as NoFap.

It really has changed me, and there are more changes to come. Generally it makes me feel much better as a person, much more in control, and feel like I’ve taken a step up. It’s hard to explain, but the superpowers are real, and NoFap is a driver of change which will lead to greater success in your life. I have fewer inhibitions now too – I think that I only have this life to lead, so I’m going to be as ambitious as possible and not worry about failure as much, doing what I feel I have to do and not worrying about the consequences.

I’m also very horny right now. I came out of a flatline a few days ago, and it’s really showing. I wake up with erections, which never used to happen, and suggests my ED is cured. I’m yet to test it with a woman, but I am dating someone and looking to try that soon. However, the benefits of NoFap have been so strong for me that I have considered giving up women if having sex makes me lose these benefits. It’s something to think about after I test it.

I really feel the truth of this quotation – “Self respect is the fruit of discipline; the sense of dignity grows with the ability to say no to oneself” – Abraham Joshua Heschel.

I just want to express my gratitude to the NoFap community, however corny that might sound. I find myself happily amazed that this great community exists and the benefits we give each other are amazing. Thank you.

TLDR; Day 50 of NoFap. Feeling like a disciplined, driven person, and moving forward with my career in ways I was not before NoFap. Have started asking women out and dating someone. Pushing the boundaries generally. ED gone and the personality transformation is yet to be completed.

I’ve now been 50 days, exceeding my previous record by one day, so I thought I would write an update. My experience has been positive, but mixed, and I get the impression that there is much more to go (hence the title [below]).


EARLIER POST90 Days – finished NoFap, one of my biggest achievements.

I visited NoFap and saw the 90 days on my counter, something I thought I would never see. My story is similar to most people here – male aged nearly 25, started masturbating at 13, overdid it for a decade or so, blew so many opportunities with women because of ED and to some extent PE, and haven’t had a girlfriend in a few years because of this and low confidence.

Before I started NoFap, that was my sad situation.

Thankfully through doing NoFap on hard-mode this has changed. My journey has been difficult and I did struggle with edging at times, but this has been eliminated now. I did 35 days before failing once, then reset the counter, and it has been 90 days since that reset. In my first 30-60 days I saw tremendous benefits, including:

  • Much more energy. 
  • More determination and drive.
  • Much more general self-control (a spillover, no doubt)
  • More interest in and from real women and a feeling that it would be possible for me to attract a woman if I wanted to.

I also started seeing someone after 30 days, which is still going really well but I am still on hard mode. For me this is a huge achievement – it had been a couple of years since I was intimate with anyone and I credit this to NoFap. I don’t claim to be able to explain exactly how, but doing NoFap makes you more competent with women and able to attract them. Part of me wonders now whether it is right to settle down, and whether I should start meeting more women, different women, rather than settle with the first one. Regardless of the dilemma, it’s a good position to be in – NoFap has enhanced my confidence to this extent.

Also during this time (including the 35 days before this streak), I got a great job in my field and out-competed 72 other applicants in the process. This came after I was unemployed for 3 months and feeling generally hopeless because of the tough economic situation and because there were hardly any jobs in my field in the area I live in. I attribute this, at least in part, to my NoFap streak.

I started to feel down around 60-70 days, tired and lethargic, but I think this was just the flatline. I don’t feel much better now, but things have improved slightly, and exercising has greatly helped. I have also gotten into weightlifting and achieved a lot during this time. It’s a great hobby and particularly useful to NoFappers.

All in all, NoFap has been a tremendous experience for me, and I feel that this is just the beginning. It has made me appreciate life more, made me understand the value of self-discipline in a very personal way, and helped me see the beauty in every single person, whether male or female; it has been the catalyst for a constant journey of individual development, of pushing boundaries and creating a vision for my life, even when it has been tough and would have been easier to fap. It seems strange to be talking about not doing something in these terms, but anyone who has done NoFap should relate to what I mean, and those that haven’t should try before they criticise and complain.

Now it’s time for the next stage, to move forward and to do what I am here to do and play my role on this great stage. Thanks for everything, everyone. To life!