Age 25 – Less anxiety & worry, clarity on friendships & relationships, handful of dates

The elusive 90 day mark. A quick summary:

  • best shape of my life; I’ve always been health-conscious but I’ve really adhered to a healthy diet and maintaining consistent workouts and runs
  • less anxiety and worry about small things that would have pestered me in the past; learning to just let it go
  • clarity on friendships and relationships; realizing who I actually care to have as friends and those who are just an annoyance; you really can’t be friends with everyone
  • received a promotion; excited to lead my own team in a new area this year, a great opportunity
  • learning piano; a huge challenge but enjoying it very much
  • handful of dates; actually a new one last night so we’ll see how that goes, NoFap has never been about getting a girlfriend but I’ve learned to move on and not dwell on failures and rejections while still taking risks and chances

LINK – 90 days

by rufus722


EARLIER POST – 50 days and my brief story

50 days is quite the milestone for me and so I thought I would briefly share my story:

I started watching and fapping to porn in the 7th grade, so probably around 12 years old (I am now 25). At the start, being at home and using a shared computer made it more difficult but when I got my own computer and then moved away for school, the addiction built. I never thought it was that big of an issue as many would (falsely) tell you that fapping was natural and healthy. I never considered it a bad addiction as it never negatively affected my schooling or work performance. I was never the type who would fap 3-5 times a day. Instead, once a day was pretty typical with the multiple fap on the rare occasion.

When I look back, I can see how porn and fapping negatively influenced my life. When I was with my long-term ex-gf, I would still fap to porn on a regular basis. It also caused me to have an unhealthy perception of women and in particular, my ex-gf. I expected her to have a sex drive like the pornstars I watched and to do things that they would do – which was wrong of me when I think about it. Porn did this to me and it was one of the reasons (amongst others) for the demise of that relationship. Porn also contributed to my depression that I battled (and still battle) for a good couple of years but that’s another story.

I actually inadvertently started this nofap streak when I started talking to and asked out a girl I met (seems I never fap when I’m pursuing women). It didn’t work out but I kept the nofap going because like many of you, I realized porn and fapping was a waste of my time, my energy, my potential. Ever since, I’ve felt more confident, more energetic, I’m in the best shape of my life, I feel comfortable in social situations (in and outside of work). I’m finding myself more interested and pursuing girls again as well.

Speaking of which, at an event last night (keeping this vague to maintain my anonymity), I was talking to a girl who was working and we frequently made eye contact and she kept smiling at me. At the end of the night, I made my move (I thought it was smooth but it didn’t pan out as expected but we had a good laugh about it) and got her number. I texted her today and we’re going out this week! This is guy who rarely does well socializing with women so the fact that I’m going on dates with girls during all of this is beyond belief. Say what you will, but I believe in the merits of nofap and I plan on keeping it going!