Age 25 – Like I’m Reborn

Like I’m reborn. I was pretty heavy into not so normal stuff on porn, never been an heavy fapper, just once a day (or two, but rare). I was into porn since I can remember, I think I was 10 or 11, but in my last 4-5 years things got worst (I’m 25 now).
I had only a girlfriend and it was like 8 years ago, never been so much interested of having a relation with a girl. I had occasional flirts here and there (about 2or3 per year), but nothing serious. But everything changes after I’ve discovered reddit and especially NoFap. I have to say that I’m actually on my First try and on Hard mode.

The first 20 days were hard as hell!!! Damn I felt like I was thunder-struck, everything was so exciting (especially girls). Really hard to resist to fap, but I’ve managed to go on.

After the 30th day, began the downhill, everything was really calm and become easier to resist the urge.

What NoFap taught me: I am in control of my very life, I can accomplish everything, and no one can stop me.

No jokes.

With the help of other subreddit like /r/Fitness /r/getdisciplined /r/GetMotivated /r/malefashionadvice, I am really changing my life in many,many aspects.

In this 90 days I started /r/100pushups /r/200Squats /r/200Situps /r/150dips and finished all of them.

I’m hitting the gym 5 days/week and running the other 2.

When I’m talking to women (or everyone else) I look in their eyes 100x times more than before.

I’m really much more confident about myself, how I look, and my goals.

My music (I’m a bassist/producer) has become better and my concentration is at my highest level ever reached.

Really, there is no excuse to not try the NoFap program. I’m now pretty confident that I can reach 150 days, I will not stop NoFap, not now.

In the end, THANK YOU all fellow Fapstronauts, you really helped me with your posts, stories and encouragement, I really couldn’t do it without your help. Remember: Don’t give up what you want most, for what you want now (Is actually my current wallpaper 🙂 )

P.S. If you want a more precise look of what I’m doing and what are the things that really prevent me from fapping, take a look at my old post.

LINK – My 90 days, I feel like a phoenix…

by babitoi