Age 25 – Married: Holy s**t are things better now.

Hey /r/nofap , if it wasn’t for my discovery of this subreddit, my life would be completely different. I’m a 25 year old from NJ. I struggled getting to 90 days this year.

I had a few 50’s 70’s but was determined to get 90 by the year end. And I did it.

The other day was my wife and I’s 9 year (first date) anniversary. (Been married for 4). Holy shit are things better now. We just had an amazing night and we are so in love man. Honestly.

We weren’t connected sexually like we used to in years. Now, things are so much better. Always thought it was her, just not finding me attractive or her low libido or whatever – but all along it was always me. I was a scumbag always coming onto her, not being a man, not romantic, then when rejected I would turn to PMO. Sick, stupid… I hate myself looking back.

Mentally I am now stronger, confident, everything. I Feel alive.

Hang in there guys. That quick cheap thrill is just not worth it in the end. I am now aiming for 2014 and further to be all fap free. Wish me luck. Good luck to all of you!

And thanks again.

Edit: If anyone has questions or whatever feel free to ask, but I just wanted to post my accomplishment in hopes to inspire

LINK – Today is my day. 90 days. Can’t believe I did it.

by 1throwaway0