Age 25 – Mental fog is gone. Increased concentration. The biggest benefit is proper eye contact while having a conversation with the opposite sex


Before The NoFap: Can’t take clear decisions because my mind was not ready to present me the clear data and logics .there was always a mental fog .my mind made excuses procrastination and I just followed. I was a slave of my mind and mood. No debugging of thoughts, i.e I didn’t question my thoughts 90 of them were negative.

Poor concentration whether it was a code or a book I couldn’t concentrate for more than 5 minutes.

Poor health legs and arms were weak, couldn’t go for a long run, could do only 10 push-up in one go.

Didn’t have a proper eye contact while talking with the opposite sex .just wanted to see their ass, boobs. If found them sexy had a sexual fantasy that was all.

I have been shielding myself from fapping and porn from the last 75 days. After NoFap:

Mental fog is gone. I question every decision, information my mind presents to me. For example if my mind says to me let’s watch porn. Them I’m going to question my mind. What will I get after watching porn? The porn stars are having sex they are enjoying it. I’m wasting my bandwidth jerking off. I’m wasting my semen the greatest nutritional and powerful bio-chemical substance.btw I am the master not you.

Increase in concentration .I have just finished few books and important videos tutorials which have been waiting to be finished for a very long amount of time

Stamina increases can do 50 pushups in one go I haven’t tested myself for running long.

Now here comes the biggest benefit. Proper Eye contact while having a conversation with the opposite sex. Right now I don’t see them as a sex object. Now I want to know about them their views, stories what they think about every important aspects of life. You give them respect as human.

One tip to be strong while doing NoFap

Whenever you have that feeling to ejaculate. Go in front of the mirror and just ask one simple question who is the master of yourself? Your mind Or you?

The starting 3-4 weeks phase is difficult. Your real willpower power would be tested in this phase. After that it starts becoming easy and u will feel the changes

May the force be with you!!!!

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BY – beyonder