Age 25 – My sensitivity is BACK in only 20 days

How much PMO stuff? I’m 25, did PMO for about 10 years, average of 1 time a day 

What was my issue? Desensitization! During normal sex my erection would lose some of it’s strength and I couldn’t cum from regular sex, I had to finish off by jerking it myself

How severe? I’d say it wasn’t TOO severe. I didn’t effect my social life, I always have tons of energy, I have a beautiful girlfriend, I talk easily, I am self-confident. It actually only diminished my pleasure while having real sex.

So what was the plan? 30 days no PMO, then allow myself to MO once or twice a week maximum. Ban porn out of my life forever.

So tell me about the success!! Besides abstaining from PMO for 30 days, I also moisturized my penis every day with a vitamine E oil. After one week of no PMO my penis got immensely sensitive, I figured I was on the right way. After 2 weeks I decided to lube my hand really good (use it as  a pussy) and thrust my dick in and out, to see how much more sensitive it really got. Before my no PMO, I couldnt cum from thrusting if my life depended on it, now I reached that point of almost cumming in a few minutes… amazing! I didn’t cum because I wanted to abstain.

After 20 days I experienced something that I saw others on this forum call a relapse, I call it a victory! I was in bed and I oiled my penis, I always did this in my reboot before going to sleep. This time my dick was very hard. Actually it had been SUPER-sensitive all day. I oiled it good and within 30 seconds I felt an orgasm coming. I removed my hands from my dick to stop it but even when releasing my hand, the strong sensation kept on building until finally… an intense orgasm!

But wait… that’s a relapse, you suck!! Right? My problem was my desensitization. I had a plan, but I think I reached my goal sooner than expected. Now it’s not a finish line… I’m still banning porn forever and I will keep my masturbation at a minimum. My penis is very sensitive again and I’m loving it. I will have to wait until I see my girlfriend again (lives in Argentina), but I’m sure it’s gonna be very great

LINK – My sensitivity is BACK in only 20 days

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