Age 25 – New job, new girlfriend, new life, happiest I’ve ever been.

Background I have been PMOing since I was 13, and I turned 25 recently, so I’ve wasted almost 12 years of my life almost every single day depriving myself of my energy and motives.

What’s funny is I always believed in superstitions, since when I was in high school I would think that masturbating the day before would give me bad luck the next day, most of the time it was true. I believed it was God’s way of punishing me the next day if I masturbated that night. I would always “betray” him by getting that winning coin flip and going back to beating it several times later that night.

Job I worked a boring job in an insurance company. Always tired and bored ever since I ended my Adderall prescription (I ended it same time I quit cigarettes). It wasn’t just me, but it was also my job specifications. I did want to get into the door a year and a half ago in the company, but I had been stagnant at my position for a while. The day I stopped PMOing was the day I told myself I needed a change completely in my life. Eight months ago I quit smoking cigarettes completely (I was smoking for 5 years). I told myself if I could quit cigarettes then quitting porn should be pretty easy too. Man was I wrong. My testosterone is always through the roof. Anyways I told myself I wanted to move out of the location of where I was at (I was in the Midwest). I went through a recruiter and she set me up with 3 phone interviews with 3 well respected companies. From my past I could never do phone interviews. Let me tell you – I turned the tables around and rocked at all three. I went to visit these three places on site and ALL THREE offered me the positions and they said I would be a perfect fit. I’ve never felt so confident during interviews and I felt so powerful, every interview I would turn the table and ask them questions to see if the company is a good match for me, not just a one way scenario. Also count in my current company – my previous few weeks of work had blown their mind of how useful I could be to them (with relational database management) and they had begged me to stay. It wasn’t personal and I wanted to move out of there anyways. I’m at my new job now and love how challenging and fun it is (I’m an analyst).

Relationship I never had a girlfriend until I met a girl in college back in ‘08. I distinctly remember I did not PMO for a week or so and met my first girlfriend then. Never lost my v-card to her either. I PMOd regularly soon after I met her and we broke up soon after. Probably due to my lack of drive for anything. After losing my virginity with another girl later I became somewhat of an “opportunist” with women, or what some would call a man-whore. I didn’t like it, I was depressed because I would fall in love very easily, but I would also give up on relationships quickly. A week after I stopped PMOing (one week before I started applying) I met the most beautiful woman. I’m a minority in this country, and with the prettiest face and body along with her sweet personality I initially thought she was out of my league. However my confidence had risen and honestly my looks aren’t bad. I asked her out and we’ve been together since. I’ve had nothing but amazing times with her and because of her I do not regret the twelve years of me wasting it away, because I honestly don’t think I could meet anyone better.

Life I’ve never been this happy in my life before. My new job is great, my girlfriend is the most beautiful & kind woman I’ve ever met. She loves me and appreciates me as much as I do with her. Speaking of appreciation I appreciate all my friends and especially my family more now. I call them more often than before and I love every minute of life. Even without my girlfriend I’m still happy, she’s still back home and will be moving to the other side of the country for a while, but we will be in touch. I don’t dwell on small things. With all this time I spend so much of it working out and cooking and learning new things. I don’t view the twelve years as a “waste” so much as I said initially, but I feel like a tiger being let out of a cage. The only problem is since I’m away my testosterone is always really high and I’m horny all the time. I can control it still. I don’t have a milestone for PMOing – I have decided to stop altogether.

I love reading everyone’s post, some are great stories and some are very inspirational. If you’ve made it this far – thank you for reading! I wish you all the best. My only tip for you guys is not to have short term goals, because once you’ve achieved it you’ll feel like throwing it away again. Aim to rid of it completely.

tl;dr: new job, new girlfriend, new life, happiest I’ve ever been.

POST – I’ve been reading everyone’s stories, I want to share my successes in the last month and a half.

by SirLockHomes