Age 25 – NoFap cured my Asperger’s syndrome. Possible misdiagnosis?


I’m Fap free since 10 days now, and its just absolutely unbelievable how am changed as a person. I look people in the eyes when talking, I crave for social contacts, I am talking to girls, I get horny all day long, I FEEL ALIVE. I started fapping when I was 10 years old, that’s also when my problems started… I got diagnosed with Asperger syndrome on the age of 17 and it only went downhill from there. Couldn’t get out of bed, slept 20 hours in a row easily, Awake at night etc.

Now without fapping I feel better than ever and i never felt like this before, So clear, No brain fog, is this how most people felt all these years??? omg, this is so easy … life was such a struggle for me. Now I can just go outside whenever i want too, go to a friend, meet people. Did porn addiction and fapping really ruined my life?

I cant believe I thought about suicide for years when life can be this beautiful. I’m smiling all day long. WTF MAN!!! I’m never going to fap anymore. THIS IS TOO GOOD TO BE TRUE. I never agreed anyway that I had Asperger syndrome, i always said there was something physically wrong with me… I always felt so insanely tired. But nobody wanted to believe me.

Pff, I have no words for this guys. I assume fapping was messing with my cortisol and dopamine levels, release lots of dopamine to the brain for a short period of time. Low cortisol explains why I couldn’t get up in the mornings and was awake at night. And the past few months it was so severe that i could barely move sometimes. I guess low dopamine, sometimes i was sitting on the couch but could literally not move my body.

WOW MAN JUST WOW, I still cant believe this. Even my hair is thicker, I’m not pale anymore, I don’t have bags under my eyes. Why do doctors not know about this? Or do they know but don’t care about it? Its pretty logical that masturbation can lead to hormone changes if you think about it.

I just realised as well that my OCD is just almost gone, omg. Normally I would write a fancy topic and read it 10 times to see if I made any mistakes. I don’t care anymore, my apartment is a mess atm, I don’t care.. I’m looking at it, I don’t even get a headache from it.


LINK – NoFap cured my asperger syndrome , Possible misdiagnosis? Was fapping causing my life problems?

by NellyNook