Age 25 – NoFap is the antidepressant I needed

9 months ago I was 25 years old university drop out, I worked a job that I hated and had a bi-polar depression. I didn’t understand why I had no desire for women, no motivation to study, to work or for success.

I googled these problems and I found about steroids. I tried them. Every other day I was punching needle in my muscles. They made almost no improvement, because I was thinking, that steroids make higher sex drive and it is ok to fap more.

I had heard about Nofap before, but always in context of twisted porno. That’s not me, I’m watching only amateurs, I thought.

Then I googled some more about no desire to anything and found about ADD and stimulants. I believed that my brain just doesn’t create enough neurotransmitters and it is ok to use drugs. And so I did. They made my shitty lifestyle passable. I became the best worker in the firm, but I was tired in the evening and had no energy to do my hobbies. Only internet and porno. It was all ok for me, till I run out of them. I had suicidal thoughts every other day, I hated my job, I smiled to other persons, but I was cursing them, when they didn’t heard me.

I couldn’t live like that any more. I had enough brains to not fuck my self up even more and just run away from that life.

Luckly, by that time I came upon NoFap success story and the author was facing the same problems as me now. It all clicked for me. Excessive ejaculation was causing my depression. This thought made NoFap easy for me. Usually around day 30 I forgot about it and relapsed, just to rediscover once more that ejaculation to porn is not worth it.

I got my superpowers. I did a lot of things for the first time – I approached a pretty woman in the train and got her phone number, I kissed a girl within 2 minutes after meeting her for the first time and later that night other girl took me to her apartment, my lifts increased dramatically and I was looking to life with more positivity.

I think that I don’t have depression anymore. There still are downhills, but nothing like before with no energy for anything and suicidal thoughts.

Currently this is the longest streak for me. And I came so far just because in last month I used internet maybe for an hour. So I have found the root for my ADD and depression – too much information.

In the last month I’m more focused on myself and important stuff. I have decided to start studying once more in September. That is a big decision, as I have to pay for everything myself. And the most important thing – it will take time. I will be 30, when I will finish studies!!! But I believe it is all for good and I have learned my lesson and I will share it with you – life creates problems for learning purposes. Don’t run away from them, face them and they will make you a better version of yourself!

LINK – NoFap is the antidepressant I needed

by Radical_unit