Age 25 – PIED & DE cured: As long as I can remember I had problems keeping my erection without stimulation


My story: Divorced with my wife. Had stress like….a lot. Met new Girl Friend was nervous, and noticed some problems. My story is as long as I can remember myself I had problems keeping my erection, without stimulation. I can get Hard very fast, but if stimulation is not there, then my erections went away. Also standing up erections goes away fast.

Never was sure if it`s PIED, and it messed my mind. Some friends told me it`s OK not to be hard whole time in foreplay, or when giving girl oral. I know you should not stay hard all the time, but still I thought that I can improve my erection length, so I decided to quit P and masturbation. I have successful sex during my reboot, but still I don’t Masturbate. Biggest issue, is my mind sometimes I wonder do I have PIED?!

But today, I woke up with morning wood and it stayed around 30 minutes. First weeks without P, my MW came back then it disappeared and now it seems to come back again.

My gf, touched my balls and masturbated me for a brief moment and after that I STAYED HARD without stimulation, without it…. like 10min. I was so happy, I gained confidence that I was suffering from PIED (watching and death grip M for 10years). Although I haven`t had O for 2 weeks, but still it`s evidence that I was desensitized.

My PIED is not as other, I get hard very fast, but problem was that I needed constant stimulation to stay hard, and I did not think about sex like wow and stuff. I thing P robbed my true libido.

My problem was also that I kept looking for an answer – is it PIED, or is it normal? Answer, for some people it`s normal that they need more stimulation to stay hard, but I also think maybe they suffer from PIED, for me I think keep going in my reboot will benefit me, and maybe someday I can stay hard even when standing up.

Your thoughts?

LINK – 34 days and seeing results.

BY – Moony


Just had sex on morning (happens very rare) on coach on not so comfortable position, during foreplay I was hard 80% and when I went inside was 100% and switched positions. Ejaculated very fast but my girl likes it! I am blessed that my erection is very fast but I also need to be relaxed and in mood. And on morning I was sleepy but still managed to have successful sex. I have come to mindset to don’t worry as much about erection hardness during foreplay, the main thing is if you can have sex then you are successful.