Age 25 – Removed numbed feelings, far more social, got a promotion

Once you make the decision to do something, there’s no option but to do it! I NEVER thought I could do 90 DAYS without fapping! I would NEVER believe the benefits that come with getting rid of such a nasty habit.

I read this article:

Then I looked further into the subject here:


and here:

I don’t remember where or when I learned about NoFap. I lurked for a while and tried to quit alongside you guys without contrbuting anything. This is not the best way to do it. If you’re reading this and you’re not subscribed to NoFap, it will help your journey to subscribe.

My journey started August 10th without NoFap. My first badge was a star with a 1 in it for 36 days completed!

I’m sharing what hurt and what helped me on this journey.


  • Spending too much time alone. It makes for added temptation.
  • Getting drunk/high. Losing control of your self makes you rationalize fapping.
  • Trading one addiction for another. Video games, weed, alcohol, and chewing tobacco took the place of PMO.
  • Watching porn without masturbating. The brain chemicals still get released and have the same effect. Read about it here:


  • Good things happening in other areas of life. I got a promotion and a raise at work. I believe NoFap helped me face the interview and follow-up questions with honesty and a direct straightforward approach without cowardice.
  • NoFap helped remove the numb feelings inside of me and an emotional flood began. I feel everything good, bad, and in between. This is what life is and the only thing we can control is our attitude and effort.
  • I’m starting to go with my first instinct in situations. I am obsessed with self-improvement since I spent 2011 out of work. I’m more conscious of how I spend my time and how that lines up with what I want for my life.
  • I don’t walk away from my social challenges anymore. Win or lose, walking away isn’t an option with me anymore. Even as an introvert, I’d rather be acting than thinking. My brain is too active when I don’t open up socially and I get quiet rather than jumping into activities. I’ll compliment people on their style or just say hi and be friendly.

In no way is this over for me and I won’t declare myself free from internet porn addiction or sexual dysfunction. My life is better than it was 90 days ago. Of this, I am sure. I have other posts with more detail into my journey and I’ll answer any questions anyone has.

Thank you everyone! DO NOT QUIT! -fapsonfapsonfaps

LINK – Male. 25 years old. 90-day challenged completed!

by fapsonfapsonfaps