Age 25 – Years of sexual problems solved in 70 days.

Ok, so I think it’s only right that I should tell my story so it encourages others.

I’m 25 and have had erectile dysfunction problems since I was 18. I was prescribed Cialis and Viagra temporarily when I went to the doctor at 19 yrs old after failing to get an erection ten times with five different girls (I was persistent but the girls weren’t willing to be patient enough).

Anyway, I lost my libido and my confidence with women and basically gave up despite having medication. I waited two years before losing my virginity with the help of the blue pill.

Problem 1 : getting an erection, solved with medicine Problem 2 : Couldn’t ejaculate despite being aroused.

So I went into another depression as I couldn’t orgasm with my girlfriend. It was awful really. After trying for many weeks it was clear that the only way I could come was by me or her masturbating me. Needless to say, the relationship never worked out.

SO . . . not discouraged completely, I went searching for answers. I came across no fapping (sorry, no pun intended) and it was like a light flipping in my brain. It seemed so obvious.

I relapsed after 3ish weeks the first time and returned a few months later with determination. I’m now on 85 days.

I met a girl six weeks ago and we had sex two weeks ago. Basically, I managed to get aroused without medication and stayed that way until I ejaculated after being stimulated by her vagina after about five minutes of intercourse and a lot of foreplay. It was the best feeling I have ever had. We have since started having regular sex and none of my previous problems have as yet returned.

I can see now that masturbating daily since I was 12 wasn’t at all good for me personally, and without masturbating I have seen improvements physically, mentally and of course: sexually.

So keep it up everybody, there is light at the end of the tunnel. I’d be happy to answer any questions

LINK – Years of sexual problems solved in 70 days.

by thisk