Age 26 – 1 year: Here is a list of things I have been doing.

Hello Guys,

Today marks 1 year of nofap for me. I am happy that I was able to hold on.

I had written the following post when had completed 90 days of remaining clean.

Here is a list of things I have been doing. Hope it will help you guys.

  • Practicing meditation just 20 mins a day. This helps not only in nofap but lot other parts of life as well. Adding the link to meditation course I am following. How To Meditate Without Even Trying
  • Gym/Exercise 3 days per week. (Weights/Running/Badminton/Swimming/Frisbee). Being in a group helps. The air outside is awesome. Shut down the laptop, get out of your house, experience and enjoy!!
  • Recently got interested in Zen, Sprituality etc.. I spend some time in r/GetMotivated, r/upliftingnews, r/meditation, – this guy is awesome
  • Read this book. It is little over 100 pages. Takes less than 2 hours to read. The Little Book of Contentment!
  • I found a girl. Started talking to her from January this year. She is good, beautiful and understanding. I have shared my nofap story with her. She was welcoming about that. We are going to get married early next year.
  • Understand that mistakes happen – Forgive myself and others for mistakes.
  • Trying to be happy. No worries – (
  • Reminding myself everyone is beautiful and special.
  • Volunteering. I read some where “Eternal happiness can be achieved by helping others without expecting anything in return”

Planning to take up some classes in the community colleges near by. There are lot of good courses offered for cheap.

Thanks a lot to the nofap community for support. You guys rock !! Without the support, it would have been impossible for me to achieve this. I would come back often and support you guys.

You guys can do it ! Believe in yourself.

LINK – 365 days!!

by nofap91