Age 26 – 10 years of chronic ED cured

History: I am fit and healthy with no medical conditions. I started using high speed porn before becoming sexually active, I am therefore one of the ‘younger ones’ as talked about on YBOP. This resulted in chronic PIED in every sexual encounter I had ever experienced.

The only way I could even attempt sex was to abstain from PMO for a number of days before and heavily fantasise during the act, even then this would only work if, after so many failures with a partner, all the pressure was off. I have experienced morphing escalation from soft core porn to trans porn, where even that stopped doing it for me. I have never had any interest in sex, it petrified me and I thought I was broken until I made the connection to my PIED and porn last June (just over one year ago). I tailored my porn usage down and quit PMO entirely on 01/01/13 (~7 months ago).

Reboot: I have abstained from watching any kind of porn, even to the extent of avoiding images on advertising boards etc for the last seven months, however I had been cutting down for months prior to this, I noticed small improvements but no where near as much as when I eliminated PMO entirely. I did not relapse during the proper reboot (last seven months). I quit porn and masturbation but did experience orgasms with a partner I met during the reboot (using ED drugs and fantasy, this need decreased with time). I experienced the flat line for prolonged periods and more than once, and spent the majority of the reboot doubting whether I could recover. I have experienced, understandably, a degree of depression linked with repeated experiences of ED and during the reboot this was heightened, perhaps due to nature of the process reminding me of my PIED and subsequent inadequacies.

Recovery: I have gone from not experiencing any desire to seek sex, having zero sensitivity down there and having not a sign of an erection around a naked female to what I can only akin to a normal sex drive wired to real partners. I now am able to obtain, maintain and enjoy erections with a partner, initiated by things that never aroused me before. I am now completely satisfied by my partners naked body and do not need to fantasise to become aroused. I have a much greater sensitivity (I find this quite remarkable considering) and experience real sensations to my partner down there. I show minimal signs of PIED and for the first time in my life I enjoy a normal sex life. I actually look forward to, enjoy having and feel satisfied and relaxed after sex. This is because I have quit watching and masturbating to porn. My ED is cured, and my erection quality is improving each time.

Some notes from my experience


  • Abstain from, and thinking about, porn
  • Abstain from M as much as possible
  • Seek female attention, when ready
  • Maintain a positive attitude, this process WORKS


  • Punish yourself if you relapse, you have NOT reset back to day one, you have made GENUINE progress and this is but a set back, get back on the horse.
  • Constantly test and check yourself, this is one of the most important things in my opinion. I do not walk around with an erection, I do not spring one when I see an attractive female, I can not summon erections on demand without genuine arousal. What I can do however, is obtain an erection when aroused by my partner, THIS is the real test.
  • Do not worry if you do not ‘see progress’. If you suffer from PIED, this is the cure. It takes time, so patience is a must.

The last seven months have been free of PMO, but I have been working on the process for a year. This is a long time to be rebooting as compared to some other accounts, and I am still seeing improvements. YBOP advises that: ‘younger users with long reboots will continue to see improvements in the coming months’ – I can attest to this. Each time is better and feels more ‘natural’ than the last (generally speaking).

Why I think my reboot has taken longer than most

  • I had a severe form of PIED
  • I started using high speed porn at age 13/14, a few years before sexual encounters
  • I escalated through genres becoming further removed from real sex
  • I mixed in Os with a partner, many reboots do not. Gary states from his observations that Os can slow down the process
  • The years of failure left me with performance anxiety


I met a partner during my reboot, I used ED drugs to have sex at first then weaned myself off. In hindsight I would not reccomend doing this, I was not entirely ready for sex and I knew it, this therefore led to a dependence on the drugs and fantasy and it took a while to be brave enough to try without.

Conclusion: In short I hope that this account may offer encouragment to anyone in a similar situation. I know personally the success stories helped motivate me. It would be my pleasure to answer any questions anyone has about my experience with all of this, so please do feel free to ask anything at all below. I wish you guys all the best if you too are suffering from this, due to my experiences I can say with certainty that if you suffer from PIED, rebooting WILL fix it, but you may need to be patient as I have been. Good luck guys

A massive thank you to Gary Wilson, your site YBOP has rescued me from a very dark place, I am forever grateful.

TLDR – Highspeed internet porn before sex = PIED for 10 years. Quit P, M and O and now willy works again.

LINK – 26yo, chronic PIED in every sexual encounter, rebooted to recovery, sex life now included!

by Breeze02


UPDATE – [26m] One year NoFap – Severe PIED to full recovery. AMA

I have been on NoFap for the last 18 months, today is one year with no relapses. My motivation for starting was severe PIED in every sexual encounter. I had no idea why until I found YBOP – I just thought there was something wrong with me, even though I have no medical issues. One year of NoFap and NoPorn has completely cured this. I finally have a normal sex life which seems, even now, to get better with each month of NoFap. I was on hard mode until I met my current partner about a third of the way through last year.

I’m here for the next few hours so do feel free to ask me anything as this forum and your posts were a massive help to me. I’ll check back tomorrow to see if there are any more. All the best for 2014 guys, make it yours.