Age 26 – 139 days: positvely transformative

Hello Nofap, thank you for being such an awesome community. The reason I’ve titled this day 90 report The Finish Line is because honestly, I feel like a champion now after quitting porn. The past couple months have been positively transformative – I am achieving the success I want in my relationships and career, and I think this is in part because I don’t fap anymore. (Also going to give a shoutout to meditation, which was my substitute activity for fapping)

As for the changes that have happened, girls close to me have said that my voice has deepened and that I am now “so manly!”. Besides the increased confidence and stability that I feel upon waking up, what I notice the most is how attractive real women have become to me. It was my experience when I was dating that this created a reciprocal relationship, so that the more I became interested in girls, the more that she was interested in me.

And the best evidence I have of this is that tonight I am celebrating my first 6-month anniversary with my amazing beautiful girlfriend. I’m 26 years old, and this is also my first ever 6-month anniversary with any girlfriend, period, hahaha.

So yeah, it’s been a pretty transformative time for me, and fortunately it looks like my /foreveralone days are behind me. I titled this The Finish Line because I like the aura of success and achievement, but I also know that this is not a race that you win once, but it’s more like a lifelong marathon. I’ve looked at porn a bit since I started nofapping around Thanksgiving, but I have always kept going.

When I last posted here, nofap was celebrating 10k subscribers. Today, that’s doubled to 20k fapstronauts. I’m not going to post much in the future, so I want to welcome all of the newcomers, and wish you the best on your fapstinence. GOD BLESS.

LINK – Day 90 – The Finish Line

by pura_vida