Age 26 – 30 days of NoFap cured my Delayed Ejaculation

I had been fapping regularly for the last 13 or so years (I’m 26 now). When having sex, I would have always have moderate to severe DE — it would either take way too long to finish, or I wouldn’t be able to finish at all.

My gf was out of town for a month, so I decided to try NoFap hardmode.

Twenty-eight days into my streak, she got back and gave me head. My DE was gone. I lasted a normal amount of time — not too long; not too short. We’ve done other things as well since she’s been back, and there are no signs of DE.

This feels great. NoFap is awesome. I hope this helps others stay motivated.

LINK – 30 days of NoFap cured my DE.

by TheBlessedForgetful