Age 26 – 365 days: No more ED, relationship saved & sex improved

One year has past since I started my journey from hell. Winston Churchill ones said: -If you are going through hell, KEEP GOING. And that’s what I did. But I will start from day one and explain for you guys what brings me to this day of nofap.

One year ago I was a failure on every level. I almost dropped out of college, I had no job, Only two friends in life that I had since forever. I’m good looking so I shouldn´t have problem with meeting new people. But I had big problems! Social problems and anxiety. I had a girlfriend but the worst part of all was that when we had sex I couldn’t get my dick up. I had a lot of ED problems. The relationship was on the edge of the ruined. I was desperately looking for an answer to my problems and found every piece of the puzzle feel to its place. I started to reboot myself and build a stronger and better version of myself.

No more ED. But flatline come and go so it might come back. Relationship saved and sex improved

I will not go in to day details of my journey if you want to know read my post before this but I know that many of you want to know how nofap has affected me this past year. The hardest part has been to bet my worst enemy, myself. Today Im more self confident, I workout all the time and I have no problem talking with people.

Its sounds easy but its not easy at all. I have cried a lot, had massive cravings and almost given up many times but the pain always subside. Every time I pushed the cravings way I felt a bit stronger. The first 60 days was the hardest after that things got a little bit easier.

Reboot periods cant be counted in days just because you are on day 90 it dosent mean you are done. You are done when you are in the grave. Nofap is a lifelong journey and its not about just fapping. Its about being the best you can be. To never ever give up. catch your dreams and when hell is around you, just keep walking. ITS ALL ABOUT HARD WORK AND DEDICATION!! Be as strong as you can be every day.

Tip: Turn of the phone and go to bed early. You have to leave porn and set up small goals for yourself every day.

KEEP WALKING AND LEAVE HELL BEHIND Nofapwarrior over and out!

THREAD Day 365 – Hard work and dedication

by NoFapWarrior



LINK –Day 196 – 196 days wow, who knew!

Almost 200 days has past since I first started with nofap and a lot has changed since 1th of June. But the best part of NoFap is that my ED problems are all gone. Still after 90 days I had some problems with ED and at that time I almost lost my faith in nofap.

When I’m writing this at day 196 I’m healed not just from my ED. Im healed as a person. Stronger, calmer. And girls talks to me from time to time. I conquered my greatest enemy (ME). I will never start fapping again. But I take some days at the time. Next goal is 365 days.

Keep on fighting fapstronauts!!!


You know what. I use to have porn-induced ED and I had it many year. At the time I found nofap, I couldn’t get it up at all. No sex what so ever. I was afraid of having sex. I couldn’t take the humiliation to fail in bed.

If you look at it in his prospective no real girl couldn’t turn him on or me 😛 our dopamine system where so damage that all the receptors died. We got numb from all the extreme porn. Its not about you or no other woman. 105 days ago I didn’t look at any women at all because of my low libido. But now I see hot women everywhere and wonder where all this women have been my whole life. I understand why you felt bad about yourself. But you are not the problem, Porn is. I’m so glad that its over for me. I will never watch it again.

you cant say that flatlines have time lines because they don’t. I had 3 flatline periods under my first 90 days. first was like 5 weeks the second one like 5 week and the third one was about 3 weeks. according to YBOP it last from 2-6 weeks. so stop think about it. it will come back again. See it like that you have your car on repair. You cant drive your car when its on repair right and you don’t try to start it without an engine.

I been having sex a few times under my journey. some good and some bad. But this it was different. Best time since I started having sex at 15. Its like a brand new dick down there. You will get there too. NoFap really works. Just stick to no porn och mimic porn behavior and no fapping.

For get having a girlfriend for the moment. I will tell you somethings about porn. Porn destroys careers, it devastating friendships, it keeps you from being happy. You have seen the ybop videos. Its fucking up your dopamine system and makes your libido less the nothing.I had porn induced ED for years and one day I stumble up on Yourbrainonporn. I watch all the videos and red hundreds of posts. Before that I thought I was sick. how could a 25 year old guy have ED its impossible. but its not and I know now that a lot of other guys have it too, all because of porn. If you don’t have it that’s great but my advice to you right now is to never ever watch porn again. Its not real! After you have learned to live without porn and fapping, then you could think about getting a nice girlfriend. I will fight at your side. I reach my 90days but I stick around to kick guys like you in the butt. Because I know you can make it.

I have tried all kinds of stuff to cure my ED problems for the last three years. Not even Viagra helped. So for the first time in over three fucking years my dick works again with out problems. Looked at all the YBOP videos and started Nofap and quit porn and the puzzle is finally falling on its place. Is that also monkey see monkey do? Think about it again!! Guys all over the fucking world telling the same story. Well we don’t have a problems at all and the result is just placebo. All the guys here nofap for a lot of different reasons. But most of us, we are commit because it really helps to reboot our fucked up brains and reset it from a porn addiction. I don’t want to get hard on you but dude its really works.