Age 26 – 60 days: already feel like a new person

I am 26 and have been been addicted to PMO since the age of 14. I started with “normal” porn but eventually desensitized to it and escalated to shameful genres and fetishes.

For years I wondered why I was so anxious and awkward around people. Why had I never had a girlfriend? Other people seemed to naturally connect and have affection for each other, but I always felt like I had to fake it, as if I wasn’t human. I also lacked motivation. I was content wasting hours mindlessly browsing the internet while many of my friends moved forward with their lives. It wasn’t until I came across “The Great Porn Experiment” video that I first realized PMO was the cause of my issues. Since I started pretty young I never knew what “normal” felt like. I assumed there was something wrong with me compared to other people. Porn was an outlet for my shameful lusts.

Anyway, 60 days in and I already feel like a new person. I have experienced so many benefits that I cannot even list them all here. But below is an overview of what I have experienced so far:

Weeks 3-4:

  • More confidence and emotional stability. A newfound sense of virility.
  • Less desire to waste excessive time browsing the internet and playing video games
  • Stronger and healthier attraction to women (not just looking at body parts)
  • Stronger, richer voice. Became more articulate.
  • Less social awkwardness. More desire to be around people.
  • Fog seemed to lift off of my life. Day-to-day life began seeming more interesting.

Week 5:

  • Flatline started. No sex drive, or sexual attraction to women. This actually helped me avoid PMO. Confidence dropped temporarily, but came back after a few days. Earlier benefits stayed.

Week 6:

  • Stronger desire to exercise. Better able to maintain an exercise routine. Feeling stronger, and noticing increased endurance.
  • Less attraction and addiction to sugary junk food.
  • More energy in general for day-to-day life. Stronger desire to make the most of free time and spend time outdoors.

Week 7:

  • Huge increase in motivation. Procrastinating day-to-day chores far less. Becoming more neat and organized.
  • Mind feels sharper and clearer. Better able to stay focused on tasks.

Week 8 (present):

I’m still in the flatline but all of the other benefits are still going strong. I still have occasional emotional lows, but they are less frequent and go away faster, especially if I exercise. I am really looking forward to my libido coming back to where it was around week 3-4. Hopefully that will happen in the next week or two.

I can easily say that beginning this nofap journey has been one of the most important decisions I have made in my life. If your current situation resembles my pre-nofap life, I encourage you to quit porn and fapping. It’s tough at first, but it will make your life vastly better.

My main strategy for getting this far has been to avoid the situations when I would normally be most tempted- such as when I am alone on my computer. I also noticed that other activities, such as playing certain video games, and eating sugary junk food seem to stimulate my brain in similar ways to porn and increase my desire for it. Avoiding them has helped reduce temptation.

Keeping this going will certainly continue to be challenging. But I keep reminding myself that nothing compares to this new PMO-free life. No porn I ever looked as has been as pleasurable as truly feeling alive. Here’s to another 60 days!

LINK – LINK – Day 60: My experiences so far- Totally worth it!

by FapBuster