Age 26 – 90 Day Report: A life transformed

When I began NoFap I did not think that day ninety would feel significant, nor did I anticipate the depth of gratitude I would have for this community and its mission.

Thank you all.

The last ninety days have played a role in a radical transformation. I should note that I have sworn off dating and “pursuing women” for this stretch of time, which has made my experience unique.

Please glean from my experience what you will. I believe the below changes are not necessarily tied to NoFap, but instead to a shifted life philosophy. I’m happy to answer any questions you have.

Here are life changes during the last ninety days:

  • Started wearing a watch on one wrist
  • Started wearing a rubber band on the other
  • Started wearing a necklace
  • Started going to the gym daily
  • Bench press max went from 150->200 (before, middle, after pics, shirtless bro)
  • Started counting calories
  • Started keeping a time journal
  • Started meditating
  • Started reading affirmations
  • Started smiling in the mirror
  • Started thinking “F*** it,” way more often
  • Started waking up at 5 AM
  • Started writing for an hour every morning
  • Wrote over 60,000 total words
  • Started a personal development blog
  • Started being a relentless optimist
  • Started daily walks
  • Spend more time brainstorming
  • Started appreciating classical music
  • Drinking less alcohol
  • When I look at women––even ugly women––I think, “She is beautiful.”
  • Read over twenty books
  • Bought new pants
  • Started flossing
  • James Bond showers
  • Pitched my first consulting client and got paid
  • Had an interview for work I’m interested in doing
  • Started making lists of things for which I am grateful
  • Stopped watching pornography
  • Stopped masturbating

Around 30 days I had really wild swings of temper–it was kind of scary. Around 50 days I thought I’d never get an erection again. These last 10 days I feel like all of the puzzle pieces are finally fitting together.

Here are some things you might call “superpowers.” Be aware, these may not have come NoFap, but instead through other exercises in self-discipline.

  • Heightened concentration on my goals
  • Heightened control over my emotions––though there were times during NoFap that I had much less control over my emotions
  • Greater physical prowess––this is definitely tied to NoFap
  • More patience
  • Feeling like a man
  • Feeling like the man
  • Greater awareness of things important to me
  • Feeling less lonely, more independent
  • You know that feeling, “I’ve just got to get some p**** tonight?” I don’t get that anymore.

Most of this has been written before, but here is my advice for anyone who shares this goal:

  • Make sure you can answer the question, “Why do you want to stop masturbating?”
  • Exercise. Every Day.
  • For aspiring runners: the second and third miles hurt. Get to the fourth and you’ll feel great.
  • James Bond showers
  • Spend more time brainstorming what you actually want and strategizing how to get it
  • Getting out of bed in the morning is the most important thing you will do today
  • No laptops in bed
  • Don’t put yourself in compromising situations (alcohol, drugs, late nights)
  • Make lists of things for which you are grateful
  • Think about your role models
  • Read books that inspire you in the morning
  • For the love of God, do yourself justice and go to H&M and buy some pants that fit.

Again, I’m happy to answer questions for anyone who’s still reading! But I encourage you to go to the gym instead of asking a question.

LINK – [Hardmode] 90 Day Report: A life transformed

by TryNumberThree