Age 26 – 90 Days. A whole new life!

I’ll keep this (semi) brief, because all of you have read about the benefits before. I’m here to tell you that this. shit. works. I had a huge problem. I easily fapped [to porn] every day. Multiple times a day was the average. I would seriously fap on my lunch break at work. I would fap before going to sleep every night. And even though I would sit down and think “I shouldn’t be doing this and I’m harming myself” – I still couldn’t stop.

I stopped on December 31, 2012 and have been on hard mode ever since. Noporn, nofap, no edging, etc. I’ll put my thoughts into a list, in no particular order – Just my thoughts.

  • nofap made me realize that I can overpower my brain and body. I had a horrible PMO addiction. Breaking that addiction was basically me giving a giant middle finger to my inner urges, and coming out victorious. That feeling is indescribable.
  • Overpowering your temptations for a long time will make you realize things. “If I can overpower this… I can do anything.” THAT’S how nofappers become gods (superpowers). They stop giving into their immediate desires, and they realize that if they can overcome fapping addiction, then they can overpower their fears and unhealthy temptations in other phases of life. This is where the superpowers come from. It’s nothing magical.
  • Stopping fapping opens up a lot of free time and a LOT of free energy that you didn’t have before. If you choose to replace fapping with something healthy, then your life is about to take a drastic change for the better.
  • I started a very strict diet and exercise routine for the last 90 days. Here are my results from the last 90 days –
  • My energy levels have been in-fucking-sane. I can’t wait to work out every day, and my off days suck. I want to be in a gym. I want to be improving my body constantly. And I don’t even consider looking at porn a possibility anymore. It’s not a part of who I am, and I refuse to ever go back.
  • I read this earlier today, and I couldn’t put it any better myself – “If you want it bad enough, then you’ll do it.” If you want to complete 90 days without fapping, then you will. If you don’t want it bad enough, then there’s nothing we can do to help you! YOU have to want it for YOURSELF. Convince yourself that you are strong and you don’t need to fap, and the sky is the limit for how great you can be.


If you’re looking for advice, then I can tell you a few tips.

  • You have to convince yourself that you’re worth it. This is a mental struggle, through and through. It’s no cakewalk, and if you’re not convinced that you can do it, then you won’t do it. Don’t go into this thinking “Meh, I’ll probably relapse after a week or so.” Fuck that. Don’t give yourself the mental option to relapse, and you won’t.
  • You must find a replacement for fapping. If you fap as much as I used to (a lot), then you’ll need something else to do to prevent yourself from slipping back into your old routine. I chose to get extremely into my diet/working out/self improvement. You can commit yourself to video games, reading, working out, taking walks, doing pushups, playing with your pets, WHATEVER!! Just pick an activity that you can do WHENEVER you have a temptation, and do that activity every time. In the first week or two, I can’t tell you how many times I had to stop what I was doing, drop to the floor, and do as many pushups as I could in a row. That stopped me from fapping quite a few times.
  • Get real life support. /r/nofap is amazing support, but having an accountability partner in real life is even more important. I had two people that I texted constantly about this, and having them there to support me whenever I got tempted was invaluable. I recommend you get a couple of really close friends to keep you honest.
  • Stop making excuses. I didn’t realize how many excuses I used to make for myself. “There’s always tomorrow” “I’ll be fine” “It won’t matter” “Fapping/skipping workouts/eating horrible foods is OK.” “I have my whole life to turn this around. I’m only 26.”

BUT YOU KNOW WHAT? YOU DON’T HAVE YOUR WHOLE LIFE. YOU’RE ONLY PROMISED TODAY. YOU LITERALLY HAD A 1/1,000,000,000,000,000 CHANCE TO BE HERE. ACT LIKE IT. Yesterday, you said tomorrow. Someday is not a day on the calendar. Fucking act like the boss that’s lying dormant inside of you, grab your balls, and take this life over.

This is the only chance you’ll ever have, and every day you don’t take action, you’re one day closer to wasting your only chance. Forever.

I literally had to drill those kinds of thoughts into my head, and it worked. I think about life SO much differently than when I started. I look at everything and everyone with such a different outlook.

Stop wasting your time. You only have a set amount of it, and one day, it will all be gone. Start living life like this is the only one you have. A beast is locked up inside of all of us, silently waiting to break out. Unlock the cage and let it loose.

[In response to questions] My plan is to ramp up my exercise and continue to abstain from fapping. I’m definitely going to ease up on my diet, but I’ll keep it really clean. Nofap [no porn] is now permanently in me, and nothing will change that. I might jerk off someday in like 3 months, but it will not be to porn/fantasies of porn, etc.

LINK – 90 Days. A whole new life!

BY – wholenewguy