Age 26 – 99 days to cure my ED

I’ve been pmo’ing since I was about 14 and I’m 26 now. I’m stopping because I’m hoping to increase my testosterone levels a bit now that I’m on a powerlifting plan. Plus, anecdotal evidence from the past tends to make me believe I gain confidence when I abstain (and I could use any help I can get in the relationship department). But I don’t want to make this into a cure-all like I’ve done with so many things in the past; let’s just see what happens. Cheers.


6 Days: I forgot what it feels like to actually be horny. It’s crazy intense. I have to get out of the house just to get my mind off of this.

19 Days: I went out to the bars for the first time since I started. I’ve never been so successful with women. I was chatting them up left and right; even left with a phone number. It’s crazy how much confidence I’ve gained from doing this. I kinda thought people were exaggerating the effects of nofap but I’m starting to believe…

24 Days: I’ve been having some really weird dreams; most of them sexual in nature but not necessarily involving sex. Plus I’ll get super crazy ridiculous horny at the most random times; it never seems to come at times I would expect it. I’ll also get waves of immense I-can-rule-the-world type confidence that I don’t ever want to go away. I think it’s a combination of nofap, powerlifting, and healthy eating.

33 Days: I feel like my confidence levels are about back to where they used to be; which was pretty low. I’m not particularly extra motivated. My days at the gym are pretty productive and I’ve been able to keep on my program very consistently. I’m not horny that often but when I am it’s almost unbearable. I’ve been able to stay strong though. The recent AMA with a Bunny Ranch prostitute almost threw me off the wagon though.

37 Days: I decided that I’m pretty addicted to the internet in general so I’m trying to curb my hours online. Doing nofap gives me a good confidence boost to do better in other areas. Not because of some powers of nofap, but because of just knowing that I have the will power to make those decisions.

45 Days: Some co-workers and I went out last weekend and I had the best time (I usually hate going out). There was a bachelorette party that was going wild and I was able to just join right in. Like a fuckin boss. Ended up that night fooling around a bit with one of my female co-workers and this weekend we are going to be hanging out. I’m not going to say that nofap directly gives you confidence but it definitely seems to help when you combine it with working out, sleeping well, and eating right. This weekend I’m going to a BBQ judging class, joining a Jeep club where I know nobody, and taking a culinary class. I might have to say I have just a bit more motivation lol. Also, I had some very sexual dreams recently that involved some strange form of sex but no nocturnal emission; interesting.

54 Days: The fooling around with the co-worker I decided was a bad idea. Rumor was she was getting excited about a relationship but I don’t date coworkers. So I told her that and now I feel like shit for some reason; like I gave up one of the rare chances I get at attracting women. I signed up for Match a few weeks ago but that’s proving to be lackluster as well. I haven’t been nearly as horny as I was in the beginning. In addition, when I am, it’s still at random times. I don’t seem to get particularly excited about looking at an attractive female. I feel like I still have the same ridiculously high standards I did before NoFap (which I think was a symptom of too much porn). I’ve still been able to go to the gym consistently but my motivation for anything else is very low. I’m hoping it’s just “darkest before the dawn” kind of thing.

62 Days: Went on a date that I got from I felt pretty calm but wasn’t any kind of Rico Sauve. I think there will be a second date 🙂 This is probably my first real date in a couple, if not more, years. It’s been bad but I’m finally taking the initiative and realizing a girlfriend won’t just fall in my lap.

69 Days: I’ve definitely been a lot more forward with the ladies and feeling very confident lately. I literally just got a bartenders number 5 minutes ago. I feel like my standards are coming back to normal. Instead of looking for a girl that looks like a pornstar I’m finding myself attracted to normal girls; flaws and all. Also, it’s weird to say, but my hardons are rock solid now lol. Even the slightest breeze will give me a boner.

79 Days: I’m always crazy horny. I’ve been on a couple dates now with some Match girls. I’m chatting a bunch of them up online. Got another date with a cute bartender down the street. Met a girl and made out with her in the same night last weekend. On top of all that, I just had one of the hottest, dirtiest conversations with a gal friend of mine on gChat. And I’m STILL not going to fap. It takes a fucking lot not to do it after the things we talked about…. I am full on beast mode right now. I’m chasing after girls that are in my league, down a league, up a league. I don’t care right now because it’s so fun. I’ve given up the pursuit for a porn star girlfriend. Most girls can be hot, you just have to look at the right things and push the right buttons! If I don’t get laid by day 90 then oh well, I’m going to have myself one very special date night lol.

82 Days: Another awesome night last night. Met a girl at a bonfire and ended up fooling around with her in the back of my Jeep. I know this journal is basically turning into my sexual escapades but seriously things have changed drastically in these past three months. It was the relationship part of my life that I felt needed the most improvement and it feels so good to be going out and getting some play. One of these girls will eventually see that they need to hook me!

83 Days: Went out again last night and got a real cute girls number and set up a date for Wednesday. I’m finally experiencing the prime time of my life like I ought to be.

90 Days: Well here I am. Quite an interesting trip. The girl from the last post and I have been on a couple dates and things seem to be going well. So literally within 90 days I’ve been able to go from everyday PMO wishing I had a girl to dating girls left and right. I still get the urge to watch porn but it’s easy to just not do anything about it. I’ve even clicked on a couple NSFW links and I don’t get a huge spike in adrenaline at seeing a naked woman like I used to. I tend to just think, “Nice curves” and then click the back button and move on. I honestly don’t get the urge to masturbate that much either. I mean, I get plenty horny but I feel like all this work would go to waste. I want to save that explosion for an actual woman lol. So I guess I’ll just keep going until I can get real sex. This experiment was fun. It didn’t turn me into Don Juan but it’s definitely helped me gain some clarity into what I actually want for myself sexually.

99 days – ED seemingly cured

by nofapjustcuz

I just wanted to say that previous to this, I wasn’t able to orgasm during sex (which would cause me to go soft) or I wouldn’t be able to get fully aroused in the first place.

Well I can say that last night I overcame (no pun intended) that obstacle. After 90+ days of nofap my body was more than eager to go with my new ladyfriend.

nofap seems to have helped me. Thanks guys.