Age 26 – A list of some benefits to doing NoFap I made today

Don’t masturbate because:

– It makes you less apt to achieve your goals. Don’t masturbate for your future.

There are countless benefits to not masturbating that you’re giving up

  1. More Confidence
  2. Stronger
  3. More Energy
  4. More Vibrant 
  5. Feel emotions more
  6. Increased ability to exercise will
  7. More sociable
  8. Feeling more comfortable and connected to others
  9. Better Memory 
  10. Better Focus
  11. Being naturally better at everything
  12. Being more relaxed and carefree
  13. Being less anxious
  14. Have better (or have ability to have sex), and more meaningful and fulfilling sex
  15. Can approach people you are interested in more easily
  16. People are more receptive to advances
  17. Better body language
  18. Deeper voice
  19. Notice and appreciate the little things more (a characteristic of someone’s appearance, little interactions, nature, a trait of someone’s)
  20. More presence – people respect you more
  21. Smarter – mental clarity and precision
  22. More motivated

– It’s much better to have sex instead

– Can channel energy in to other things such as being a better friend or family member

*edited to have gender, and sexual orientation neutrality

by ambiguy

LINK – A list of some benefits to doing NoFap I made today



6 months gone – Here we go again! 🙂

Overall, I’ve been experimenting with this for a year. Went 6 months total this time (past two streaks of 1 month then 4 months), 4 months no pmo, then I had a girlfriend for a month and had sex once with no ejac, but lost my virginity at 26, I guess? 😀 haha. Then we broke up, and for the last month I was approaching tons of girls, but not doing it well, so no real results.

I felt off for a while. I think that’s because I wasn’t socializing enough. I have been under some stress. I also messed up a date with a super attractive woman about a week ago. I also had a bit of a wet dream last night. Anyway, today I ended up fapping…3 times. 😀 haha.

I obviously need to get back on the horse. I never made a reddit account, so I figure I’ll make this account so I have a little more accountability this time.

This way I can also try to help others. Feel free to ask questions, I’d be happy to answer them.