Age 26 – Acne cleared up, can run 10Ks, finding beauty and personality in girls


Background: 26 yo male, virgin, lives at home with loving, supportive parents, Bachelor’s and Master’s degree from a respectable university. Sort of socially awkward; that is, I was mostly fine if others approached, but I really tensed up when having to make the initial move.

I chose to put an end to PMO, not to improve my life or seek benefits or superpowers, but simply because I thought it was an embarrassing habit to be in the mid-20’s and still PMO’ing. I can still remember telling myself, “Okay, you’re going to be 26 now, you can’t be doing this anymore..” I never realized how much of a problem I had until I would try to go one night (when I would usually PMO) without it but would get irritable and uncomfortable. I thought, “Shit, can I really not go ONE night?” I had to challenge myself to stop.

So, I started this journey in early December 2016 with some very short streaks. Then, on Day 6 of a streak, the longest I had been, I attended to a Christmas party at a couple of friends’ house (Note: This couple was getting married in May 2017 and used this party as a way to break the ice between the wedding party, remember this, it will come up again!) With some increased confidence due to my then-ongoing streak, I socialized a lot and even sat next to and talked with this pretty girl all night. While I was sure she was not into me in that way, it was super cool to take the lead on meeting a new person and to be able to hold a conversation with them. So, a pretty girl, getting back together with old friends, making people laugh, I was on top of the world….and then I went home and relapsed. Streak gone. Goodnight. Zzzzzzzz.

Now, why after the night I just had would I go home and do that? Because I was so jacked up on energy from the party but had nowhere to put it! Point: When you feel the energy, get off your bed or couch and go put it somewhere useful!

Had many 3-10 day streaks, a 20 day streak somewhere in the middle, and then my current 30 days from May 2 17 – May 31 17.

Day 1-7 are the hardest, IMO. You simply have to tell your brain to screw off and refrain at all costs. Go to bed at 8pm if you have to.

Day 12 of my streak was my friends’ wedding (remember them from before?) I played HS golf with the groom and went to school with and later worked in college with the bride. So they are both dear to me…and let me tell ya…I felt like a million bucks for being there for my friends. One of NoFap’s benefits is its ability to reconnect you with people, and man did I ever feel it as I watched those two start their life together. Twice, I danced with the pretty girl from the Christmas party (remember her?). She was looking for someone to dance with, over the loud music I don’t think many people heard her, so I just grabbed her and said, “Come on” (confidence).

After the wedding, the wedding party all went to a local bar (I know, I know, alcohol plays a role in those settings). It was awesome to be able see so many old HS friends whom I hadn’t seen in 5-8 years. For the first time, I didn’t feel that at least one other person in the room was “better than me” (confidence). That experience taught me that if you get off your ass and go out you may meet new friends and reconnect with old ones….brilliant!

Day 18 I ran my first every 10K (6.2 miles). Previously, I had only ran a few 5K’s (3.1 miles) and mostly kept my outside runs to 2 miles or less. I attributed this longer distance to having more energy and also more tolerance for pain (pussitis!) But, science takes more than just one test…could I do it again? On day 27, I ran 7 miles. Yep, more energy and less pussitis on NoFap!

Day 22-25 I hit a “mini-flatline.” I call it “mini” because I could still do things once I pushed myself (such as workout, swim, do housework) but there was not this raging ball of fire that had been inside me for the previous three weeks. I could have just sat on the couch all day and night and I would been just fine with that.

Day 26 I started feeling better and had my old energy back.

I must admit that in my first two weeks of this streak, I was unintentionally doing easy mode with gw subreddits but never MO’d or even stayed long enough to come close. Lately, however, I have not been getting much of a rise out of P itself. It’s like, “Yea, that’s nice, but what you’re doing is a bit stupid and I’m supposed to waste my energy on it?” I can’t tell you how much this mindset excites me, perhaps I am starting to turn the corner. My point is that it gets easier if you stay focused and find things to do.

Benefits: Bacne has cleared a lot (this alone is worth NoFap!) Clearer eyes Increased energy Increased confidence More connections with people Finding more beauty and interest in girls – I’m talking about personality too

LINK – 30 Day Report

By upandarrow1223