Age 26 – Although not perfect with PMO – my ED is fixed

I’ve always had erectile problems starting out with new girlfriends. A few months ago I achieved my longest NoFap streak of 41 days. Since then it’s been bumpy.

On average I’d say I went back to PMOing twice a week which was still down from my usual 4-5 times a week. It’s been a month since my new girlfriend and I have been sexually active and I’ve not once had any erectile problems. My erections are stronger, I’m surprisingly lasting longer (with condom), and my libido is noticeably higher. It’s not the perfect NoFap success story because I’m still working at eliminating it completely, but truly the goal should be progress not perfection because the work you put into this will make a difference even if you relapse.

LINK – How NoFap fixed my ED.

by Katabatical