Age 26 – Better sex, Increased mental clarity, Increased assertiveness resulting in pay increase.

Hit 90 Days today – hands down one of the hardest things I’ve done. Serious respect for anyone who does this trip on hard mode – You guys have the willpower of MMA fighting Buddhist monks.

Noticeable benefits

  • Increased mental clarity and alignment of plans and actions with overall intent in life. 
  • Increased assertiveness in work resulting in pay increase.
  • Better Sex
  • Improved muscle definition from working out.
  • Better presence

Other observations

  • I remember reading about the “chaser effect” 90 days ago and not thinking it would happen to me. How wrong I was! The chaser effect is a powerful thing.
  • It is when you are not feeling well that your biggest tests will come. At the moment I am stricken by a dose of man flu and am resting and not exercising or going out socialising until I’m better. This is testing me as I am getting urges to PMO.
  • Plenty of highs on this trip
  • have felt waves of yogic bliss at times. The flip side of this is encountering situations and negative emotional states that I have previously numbed with PMO. Now I go through them and deal with whatever painful thoughts and emotions I have.

Suggested  Reading Viewing: Just read or google the things below if you are looking for some intellectual fuel to add to the nofap fire.

  • Mantak Chia, The Definitive Guide to Body Language,
  • Models by Mark Manson,
  • The Way of the Superior Man by David Deida,
  • Kundalini Yoga.

LINK – 90 Day Report

by gent_26


POST FROM DAY 56 – DAY 56 – Sex three times in the last two days – over half way there report

So on day 55 and have been reaping the benefits of this challenge. I will list them quickly below:

  • Increased assertiveness
  • More creativity – I have more ideas daily on how to improve my life
  • More attention from Women – they smile at me more, approach me more, am receiving more eye contact from them – my roommate is a girl and we were out grocery shopping and she had to point out to me that women we were walking by were ogling me. This is a tangible difference from pre – nofap.
  • Better Sex – I have had some almost tantric like experiences during sex since i started nofap – orgasm and ejaculation have happened as two different events – this has been incredible.
  • More muscle gain in Gym and increased muscle definition.
  • I am taking more risks in life – in work, socially and in my hobbies I am more likely to take bold action to improve my lot.
  • I swear my hair is thicker.
  • I am a musician & I can attest to the fact that my singing voice has gotten stronger since noFap
  • Prior to starting NoFap I would always be rubbing my eyes – they always looked tired as a consequence – now they are clear and healthy looking!

In all this challenge has been the most interesting self experiment I have ever done.

My background is that I have been PMO’ing since the age of 14 (I’m 26 now) Started this challenge during the summer and only had streaks lasting a week or so before binging periods ensued. This current streak is my longest and DAMN it feels good! I’ve shared my experience with my guy and girl friends alike – people think its an interesting experiment and are curious about it!

I had some ED issues with my first girlfriend when I was 18 – at the time I attributed this to performance anxiety – after a few attempts this issue resolved itself and I have only experienced this since when extremely drunk or on heavy medication. I can now understand that this was not just down to PA but also to the way Porn had wired my adolescent brain.

There are more instances of improvements that I will compile WHEN I hit the 90 day mark in a full report.

The point of this post is to put a question to you guys! I had a show over the weekend – I had gone 2 weeks without sex prior to this and felt super pumped for it like I was going to absolutely blow the roof off the venue.

The night prior to it I had sex with a girl and ejaculated twice – the next day I didn’t feel as mentally revved up for the show as I had been prior to ejaculating. Now I’ve read a lot about athletes abstaining from sex for weeks before a fight – does anyone on this sub reddit apply the same thing for key events in their life? I think I’m going to lay off sex for at least a week before my next show to see If I notice a greater “presence” in my performance!