Age 26 – Day 403: My ED seems cured.

Day 403: I MAY BE FUCKING CURED!!!! Have had intercourse multiple times in the last couple of weeks.

So i will try to summarise my progress as quickly as possible. I went on holiday a couple of months ago. I bumped into a couple of girls that wanted to have sex. I took one back to my hotel room and as usual i had ED. However, she jacked me off whilst sitting on my dick until i was hard enough to penetrate. It was not at all ideal but I had penetration for the first time in years (if you don’t know i have only had sex a handful of times in my whole life and it was all during one 2 week period). So after literally a few seconds i came and that was the end of that. Not great but as i said a huge improvement.

When i got back home from holiday i met a really amazing girl. We started dating pretty quickly and ended up kissing quite passionately. I told her i wasn’t ready for sex (no confidence in my ability to) and she was so sweet she didn’t make any sort of fuss about it. Rather she just kept showing me a lot of affection. It progressed to her giving me blowjobs on a regular basis.

One night we went out for some food. We ended up back at her place and we stripped off and she started giving me a oral again. I noticed though that my erection was hard and was sticking about. So when she took a short breather i just moved her up my body and onto my dick. She got the message and put it inside her. My god, that feeling. I felt like a real man. Damn…. i was sooo happy. Actually having sex with a girl!!! I lasted a while and it was super good.

We didn’t get a chance to be together again for about 10 days but on Wednesday night i stayed the night at hers. We were able to have great sex THREE TIMES!!!! I cannot believe i am actually writing these words as i go along….i had sex THREE TIMES IN ONE NIGHT!!! I have had ED my whole life and failed to perform with every woman i have ever known. Now i feel on my way to being cured. I have been on such a long journey. I felt like i would never get better on so many occasions but now i feel like it was all worth it. I hope the effects last and i can continue having sex with my great girlfriend.

I hope it doesn’t sound like i am bragging. This is just such a huge moment for me. I have felt low, ashamed at not being a man. But thanks to this website and many others i feel like i have found a big piece of my life. I hope i can continue having lots of sex with my lovely girlfriend.

I wish you all good luck on your journey. Please don’t give up. If you have any questions please ask.

N.B. I have to say that i have used Viagra in each of my successes except the last.

LINK – 403 days and finally some success

BY – CrazyLawDude