Age 26 – ED cured. 97 days Hard mode.

It has been confirmed! Recently, I had reached my 90 day hardmode goal in hopes of being cured of PIED. Long story short, my buddy [penis] was functioning at roughly 60% a couple years ago and around 30% in the past year. You can imagine the depressing lack of confidence that came with that.

I reached my goal, and allowed myself to hook up, partly out of celebration and partly out of needing to gauge results without PMO. Today is day 97, just got back from a cute girl’s apartment and the only thing I want to do is tell you all that I am back in business!! I can finally enjoy sex again without being all self conscious about my impotent dick.

For your info: I’m 26 and have been PMOing about 1-2x a week for about 10 years. It took at most 97 days to recover from PIED. 96 days was enough to cure me!

Hope this helps you get to your goal. Keep fighting the good fight!


by atticus920