Age 26 – ED cured, confidence way higher, joined a sex club

Motivation: I started NoFap a few days after New Years after having what was at that time the best sexual experience of my life with a much more experienced woman (she was 10 years older than me). It made me realize that all the shit that I was doing wasn’t helping myself and I was capable of much more. I also had some mild ED that took some getting over whenever I had sex.

Participating in NoFap has been quite a telling experience. It has taught me a great deal about myself, what I like, and what I’m capable of.

Summary of Experience:

  • First Two Weeks: As your testosterone spikes you start to feel how capable you are sexually. I felt like a sex god during this time. Erections were way powerful and literally felt bigger than usual. Avoiding fapping wasn’t that hard, it just took a conscious effort.
  • First Month: Again, this wasn’t that bad. Felt pretty damn awesome this whole time.
  • Second Month: Still felt pretty good. Never really hit a flatline. Kept doing awesome stuff and having a great deal of fun. Not fapping became really easy, but it was hard to avoid porn.
  • Third Month: Started to miss fapping a bit and it became hard to avoid porn. I think I may be flatlining now because this week I’ve felt pretty deflated and almost depressed. Awesomeness has kinda waned in my social life too despite a good start to the month.


  • My posture while standing is much more erect and confident. I can actually feel it when I stand up. Still have to work on my sitting posture as I’m usually pretty hunched over at work.
  • Confidence is way higher. I nearly hooked up with my neighbor and she said to me out of the blue, “You’re REALLY confident.” I was like, “yeah I know” and BAM went for the make-out. My confidence is now totally self-generated. It’s pretty hard to rattle me anymore.
  • ED is totally gone. After a while my dick actually felt (and looked) even bigger due to the stronger erections I was getting.
  • Learned to dance the Salsa.
  • Wrote a song for the first time in years.
  • Started working out quite consistently and am getting in amazing shape. Got a ways to go but I can now do over 200 pushups, 240 situps, and 50 pullups in a single workout.
  • Had sex with two beautiful girls who were both into BDSM in some capacity. I now know exactly what I want and am capable of sexually.
  • Realized I’m into BDSM and I’m a natural Dom. Hopefully I can explore this further with a partner in the future. Looking back I realize that I’ve always been this way but haven’t been confident or knowledgeable enough to express it.
  • Went nude at a special club and felt no shame, performed sexually at said club in front of an audience without any difficulty or apprehension. People were quite complementary afterwards.
  • Went to a gay bar with some friends and had a great time. I think this is notable because I was quite comfortable there because I’m now totally in tune with my sexuality. I’m not threatened by anything or anyone.

Feelings/Conclusion/Moving Forward: After this whole experience I know first off that I have to go to at least 100 days. 90 days is nothing. I feel kind of shit right now but I know that the reason is not fapping – I waste far too much time on the Internet in general, and I don’t sleep enough. These are the next major problems that I have to tackle.

NoFap has been great for my ED and my confidence, that’s for sure. I still am not sure that it’ll help me get more girls, although I did get more girls at the start. What it’s very good for is shifting your mindset towards finding girls for sexual gratification rather than just fapping. Sex is far more rewarding than masturbation – for me it’s practically an art form and the purest form of expression. Masturbation is just a waste, although it’s okay from time-to-time in moderation.

What I plan on doing now is finding a new girl. Only once I’ve done that will I allow fapping again, although at probably only once a month or so. What I need most in my life is to get off the computer and get more sleep. Good luck to all those who are on this path – it won’t give you superpowers but it’ll definitely put things in perspective.

LINK – 90 Day Report – Big Changes, Small Changes, No Changes

by Naomily