Age 26 – ED cured: rebooting with a girlfriend

Seems only yesterday I was on the outside reading into these success stories wondering if this reboot was ever going to produce some real results. I mean sure, you feel the improved mood, the energy, the social skills boosting, all of that., But always waiting eagerly for the erectile health to be back on top.

After a full 90-day reboot with no PMO or MO, I can say without a shadow of a doubt, to anyone who is still skeptical if this reboot works;


I started out as a normal 26-year-old. I was in good shape, with work, a few hobbies. But I did years of porn with progressively more extreme genres. Once I got my gf I was struggling so hard not only to maintain an erection once I finally got it, but I was so desensitized that it wasn’t even pleasurable. I had to strain every single muscle in my lower body to push forth a sense of feeling in my penis and ultimately it just felt more like a chore than actual pleasurable sex.

I found this site and decided what the heck, can’t hurt to try right? I did this reboot and immediately felt the effects from the 7-day testosterone spike, to be followed by many days where I had lots of energy but no lust or erections during the day. I had entered the dreaded FLATLINE! Now this is where a lot of people opt to quit because there’s really no knowing when you’re gonna get out of it. Even I was really skeptical at this point, is this how it’s gonna be?

NO friends, it’s not!

Trust me on this, there’s a very simple solution to it; rebooting with an actual girl. I can’t stress how important it is to reboot with a girl early on in the process, especially when you enter the flatline. And even if you don’t have a girlfriend, you should use your newfound energy to go out and talk to girls. Let yourself be attracted to them.

BUT, unlike what you may think you have to go into this stage of real reboot with one thing in mind; that you are NOT ready to have an erection. Because most likely, you’re not. And it doesn’t matter. Because it’s not important.

No really, why is it important at this stage to have an erection? It’s not. Be open with your partner if you have one, focus on touching, feeling, watching and using other means of getting off.

It’s as simple as this; If you feel you need to have an erection, you won’t get one! Period! The moment you eliminate the need for an erection to have good sex is the moment when erections will start coming back by themselves. Just remember not to panic and try to hold on it once it’s there. Like most things in life, erections are better when they come natural, not forced.

Just imagine the feeling of a rock hard and warm erection creeping up and staying there, and you are completely indifferent to it. That’s where I am now and it allows me to penetrate every single time I have sex. EVERY SINGLE TIME! It’s come to the point where I tease myself and purposely focus on my erection to see if it persists. Yup, still there. Yup, still there. Yup..still there. In the end your body is so used to you not focusing on your erection that the actual fear of losing it vanishes and it’s just…there. And it’s an amazing feeling.

Always remember though; this kind of thinking can get your erections back early, but you will probably still be in a flatline. In other words, not feeling much for sex. If that’s not the case great! If it is, create sexual arousal for yourself. Spend a looong time on foreplay and get relaxed, or do massages etc. Remember you’re in the flatline so getting to the arousal part could take more time but it’ll work as long as your focus is on pleasure and not getting erect.

Hang in there friends! 🙂

LINK – Don’t worry, the reboot works! And here’s how!



INITIAL POST – 26 days into the reboot

I’m a 26 year-old guy who started his porn-spree a bit later. Started watching erotic images at age 16, which was actually more hentai at the time. Started streaming videos of real sex at age 18. Why am I certain I have PIED?

Until age 18 and the end of high school, I was doing great in school, top grades, lots of friends and a girlfriend. I broke up with my girlfriend because I wanted to explore and we weren’t that serious. I looked on the net for inspiration and fantasies.  Found porn (worst mistake of my life) After starting porn, these things slowly but surely happened:

-Me having less and less energy to do anything. Easy chores became troublesome burdens

-Motivation at school died. Grades dropped, some days I couldn’t bother to show up, even failed some of my university courses

-No motivation to keep in touch with friends and no energy to go out when they asked me. It was simply much more appealing sitting at home in front of the computer.

-More anxiety, worries, stress and lack of sleep from the above

-My anxiety was getting to the point where I couldn’t have a normal engaging conversation with another person. I used to be happy and outrovert, now I could barely state my name without stumbling on words

-Porn type progressed towards more and more extreme forms. Normal soft sex scenes simply wasn’t cutting it for me in the end.

-Didn’t meet more than one person through this site in the end. A lot of the profiles, if not most, are fakes made to lure you into payments, which I never did fortunately.

-Everything falling apart made me really depressed and literally scared of the future to come. I did not know what to do and felt I was running out of time. Porn and masturbation was the only guarantee of pleasure and good feeling I could rely on. In the end I used it even when I was just bored (time I could’ve spent on fixing all these things).

I could probably list a dozen other things, but for now I will list the last and most important sign;

-When I did go out and hang with people, girls in particular, any and all interest in engaging in conversation and moving onto something more was GONE.

-The few relationships I attempted ended before they began. I had no attraction to the girl (even if she was quite pretty), I was insecure and with no confidence at all. The few times I had sex there was nothing downstairs. DEAD.

I got together with a new girl in February (this one is latina and SMOKING HOT, I kid you not!). Her dedication and patience made our sex work most of the time, plus she is very understanding and doesn’t mind me using oral to make her orgasm.

Searching for a way to make it better for both of us I found this site and gained a huge ray of hope. Started my reboot immediately in early July (my gf left on vacation to her family).

No PMO for at least 90 days! 26 days in so far and counting!