Age 26 – ED cured, social anxiety near zero, increased confidence, mentally sharper

I am a 26 Y/O male, started fapping at the age of 11 or 12 and it was all down hill from there. I never felt confident as a man, viewed all women as sex objects, isolated except for 1-2 good friends, feared talking to people (to the point of not saying a word when a girl tried for at least 45min to talk to me). I got to the point where I was having ED issues with pretty girls.

I started NoFap approximately 11 months ago, struggling to make it past a week for a long time. I had one period where I made it 45 days, relapsed, and couldn’t make it past 4. Finally! here I am at day 90!!!

The positives-

  • Social anxiety near zero, Ive started talking to random random people. Ive never done that once in 26 years of living.
  • Confidence level has increased immensely
  • I can now be myself around others and not conform to what I think they would like
  • ED is gone, I now have random erections!!! =D
  • I dress better
  • I am mentally sharper
  • Funnier
  • Girls are more attracted to me
  • I look people in the eyes (never did that before)
  • I speak my mind regarding any issue
  • The thought of masturbating almost non existence (Id rather improve myself)
  • Ive figured out what to do with my life
  • I have purpose


  • None!!!!

I feel in order to make it you can’t rely one just NoFap. It starts there but you have to continue the momentum. Harness the energy gained from NoFap and put it into yourself/life.

Other things I’ve done for momentum-

Read, You’ve got to read fellas, knowledge is power

r/NoFap of course

Lift, build up those endorphins and feel even better about yourself

Have positive and pure thoughts. Purify your mind you purify your life

And the number one reason I am making it is because of God and reading the Bible. All the glory goes to him. Even if you don’t believe I personally feel that having a belief in something greater than everything, who has your back and wants to help you improve. Its very empowering.

Thank you all for your posts of success and failures it has been and is such a powerful motivator in my success thus far.

God bless

LINK – 90 Days.. The Positives and Negatives

BY – parable11