Age 26 – ED cured, still a bit of DE. Greater happiness & confidence

I’m 26, fapping since I was 12, grew up Mormon, non-religious now, and I had a girlfriend until recently. I am participating in NoFap because of a PMO addiction, but specifically because I started having ED. Thought you’d want my quick background first.

Today is day 42 for me. It is my second attempt at NoFap, the first time I got to 32 days. That means I’m fapping less then once a month which is a HUGE improvement over once a day. Here are the benefits I have seen:

  1. I was a virgin when I got started with NoFap, my SO and I tried to have sex but I couldn’t get an erection. Now I have almost zero ED issues – I can go strait for almost an hour.
  2. I used to not be able to ejaculate without any porn. I have now had successful PIV sex with ejaculation. Now I still have DE issues, but at least there are improvements.
  3. I am more confident around girls (me and my SO broke up). I do not fear rejection at all. I used to be scared to death to make a move with a girl, I would worry like crazy. Plenty of girls told me later that they were interested in me when they first met me, but because I wouldn’t make a move they ended up putting me in the friend zone. This doesn’t happen anymore, I have no fear to make a first move – no longer am I stuck in my brain doubting myself, I just go for it – and girls usually reciprocate.
  4. Greater happiness. I just used to hate the kind of porn I would look at, and now I don’t care. I don’t have any secrets, people can check my history for all I care. I’m happy that I have control over myself.

Now why did I relapse? After having sex I wasn’t able to ejaculate, so while the girl was taking a shower I opened up some porn real quick and just finished myself off. I regretted it immediately afterward, but I’m grateful that I now recognize it as only a small setback. I want to make it to 90 days next, but I am happy with the insane amount of progress I’ve made. Fellow Fapstronauts, you have helped change my life. Thank you.

LINK – Time for a reset…. but I’m still happy. ED is almost non-existent now.

BY – arisonet