Age 26 – ED is gone. Finally orgasmed with intercourse

Edit: May have some triggers for some people, although I tried to avoid most details.

My background is this, I was a 26 year old male virgin. I was a virgin by choice, but I recently stopped believing in my religion, and so I decided to have sex with my next girlfriend. What happened next was a story you probably have heard before or experienced, my girlfriend couldn’t get me up at all. I let her know it wasn’t her fault, that I was tired, etc… (you all know the excuses), we didn’t have sex and just went to sleep.

I found NoFap and YBOP the next day, I decided to go all for it. On my first attempt I made it to 31 days then relapsed – we didn’t have sex during this time but I started noticing erections while making out again.

On my second try (this current streak) after one week she and I had sex – I was able to get an erection and go for 2 hours! She loved it, but it wasn’t super pleasurable for me and I didn’t ejaculate. Although it was sex, I didn’t find it super successful. I wanted to be able to O during sex, since if I didn’t, I would just have blue balls. A week later we had sex again and it was pleasurable, but still no O for me. However, since it was pleasurable, I figured it wasn’t a big deal, I would just enjoy it from now on whether or not I O’d.

Well fellow fapstonauts, I’m on day 26 of the second streak and today, for the first time in my life, I O’d with a girl. I had a full erection for an hour an half, with a condom, and I was able to ejaculate. This has to be one of the top days in my life.

I have more drive then ever to make this to the full 90 days. I know the chaser effect may be strong tomorrow, but fuck it, I will beat it. The amount of intimacy I just experienced with this girl well outweighs the crazy shit I can see on the internet.

For going into the future, I’m going to keep up with NoFap, still try to limit my orgasms during the reboot period, and enjoy the hell out of life.

TL:DR: ED is gone, I finally O’d during PIV sex. NoFap is changing my life.

LINK – Successful sex! I LOVE you NoFap.

BY – mayonade