Age 26 – ED is gone. PE a problem

I’ve been doing pornfree for a few months now and my ED is completely gone, I have lots of spontaneous erections and I always get it up very fast when I’m with my SO.

I have set K9 on my computer so I can’t be tempted now, it works very good to have a “wall” in front of porn!

But now I have pretty bad PE, I last only a minute. I hope it will go away soon as I really want to have great sex with my girl!

Other than this I’m very happy with the changes, my ED is gone and it feels very good to feel more control over my body!

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by theflupke


UPDATE Had sex yesterday, it went great!

I’ve been with my girlfriend for 2 months now, and stopped PMO for approximately 1 month, I experienced awful side effects and even flu like symptoms the first week, then the libido flatline.. Awful !! I have been having a hard time having good erections when we’re about to do it because of anxiety and my years of porn use.

I also noticed anxiety when we’re about to do it, but yesterday I just didn’t have any anxiety and we did it 3 times, I did have a hard time getting it up, but once it was there, no problem at all!! And it was really great for both of us, she couldn’t even stand up for 15 minutes afterwards so it made me really confident and made my anxiety go away completely!!

That’s when I realised that my ED came from a viscious cycle of flatline -> performance anxiety -> flatline and I think I will heal faster now that I don’t have anxiety anymore, even if it’s still hard getting it up for now, it has improved drastically over the past month.

I noticed that things that should make me have an erection, like seeing my girlfriend in panties and heels in front of me wouldn’t, but kinky stuff can, so I still have withdrawal problems.

I am determined to never watch porn again after this!


UPDATE – 9 montha of pornfree – Looks like I’m finally free

I’ve been battling with my porn addiction for 9 months now, and I am finally having a breakthrough, I am no longer interested in watching porn or any form of virtual nudity. I am very proud of myself because I haven’t had any urges in a long time, it just doesn’t seem appealing to me anymore!

I have been relapsing regularly for 9 months but it finally stopped. Its not a flatline as I can have sex (I still have PE but I hope it will go away in time and practice. I have seen a sex therapist about it twice and I highly recommend doing this if you have PE or ED. It has helped me realize how wrong it was, talking about it with a stranger in the real world. He said that almost all of sexual issues amongst young people ( under 45) is related to porn or sex addiction.

I am trying to recover as quickly as I can now that I don’t have any urges. I hope my PE problems will go away soon now!

I seemed hopeless before because of all the relapses but if you are feeling down keep going!! It works and I feel a lot better in my life now.