Age 26 – ED is now cured. My story

Started masturbating when i was in my early teens and just used my imagination and some pictures of women in bikinis.  i masturbated every single day at least once.  when i got into high school i started fooling around with girls and had no issue with getting erections for any type of sex and was still masturbating every single day.  moved onto college and still had no issue getting erections with women for sex and i also started watching porn online.

All the way up until i was 21 i had no issue getting erections with women even though i was watching porn online every morning and masturbating.  but when i broke up with my girlfriend at 22 yrs old i went on a little bit of a dry spell with women, but was still  masturbating to porn at least once a day.  one year later when i was 23 i hooked up with a woman for the first time in a year and i was still able to get an erection perfectly fine.

after that hook up i went 2 years without hooking up with a girl, but was using porn every morning and masturbating.  At one point i remember thinking to myself “I’m addicted to masturbating” (not knowing i was actually addicted to the porn).  when i was 25 i met a new girl and went to have sex with her and i got rock hard, but i could not cum to save my life.  i had been drinking a little that night so i thought it had to do with that and thought nothing of it.  then a few weeks later i met another new girl and when we went to hook up i got rock hard once again, but also could not cum.  then when we woke up in the morning i wanted to have sex again and we started, but i lost my erection minutes into hooking up and my dick was completely dead.

i started doing research online to find out why i couldn’t get an erection and i finally came to the realization that it might have been linked to my porn/daily masturbation.  so i stopped watching porn and masturbating, BUT this new girl i had met was a sex-fanatic and I’d only see her on the weekends but when i did I’d try and have sex with her but my dick would not get anywhere near hard and if it did and we had sex, when I’d cum it didn’t even feel good.  she was kind of ok with all this and instead of having sex she’d just give me blowjobs (with a 30% hard dick) and I’d cum and that would feel really good.

the problem i was having was that when i stopped watching porn/masturbating i didn’t stop ejaculating.  we eventually stopped talking with one another and i was able to start my 90 day reboot process.  everything you have heard about the flatline is true.  it sucks you begin to think you’ll never recover and all but stick with it because the process works.  around day 5 of my reboot i found my current girlfriend but i was afraid to tell her about my struggles so i told her i wanted to wait and give our relationship the “90 day rule” before having sex because i wanted to get to know her better.

well around day 20 of the reboot we started hooking up and she gave me a blowjob and i stayed hard the whole time and i didn’t want to cum but i did and after it i thought i had completely ruined my reboot.  well to make a long story short over the next 30 days or so we never attempted to have sex, but i did cum 4 times.  then around the 50 day reboot mark i was determined to have sex.  my dick wasn’t getting very hard when we tried, but i was eventually able to penetrate her and we had sex and when i came it felt great.

fast forward 4 more weeks and i am almost fully recovered now.  i can get hard for sex and everything now.  so guys just stick with the process.  i did not go 90 days for a reboot and that’s probably because i had had sex with women in the past so it didn’t take me as long to reboot, but stick with it and you will be back to normal.

LINK – 26yr old – successful recovery story for porn induced erectile dsyfunction

BY – successismine