Age 26 – (ED) Still hooked on edging

So, I went about 3 months without orgasm. In this time, I did edge and watch pornography. I just could not quit. However, for whatever reason I found myself able to control my orgasm and completely abstain in that sense pretty easily.

A few notes:

I had a sweetheart waiting for me overseas, which gave me the motivation needed to see it through. Without her, I don’t think I would have been able to do it.

The first two weeks are the most difficult. Since I was edging without orgasm, I’d experience pretty painful blue balls. It’s a really uncomfortable feeling, and orgasm seems like the only antidote. However, if you see out this initial phase you do get back to normal. I didn’t experience blue balls at all after the two weeks.

After the first month it was really easy. Every now and then I’d want to masturbate, but after 20 minutes I could just pick up my pants and get on with my day without issues.

I definitely felt better about everything in my life. I had more motivation. I stopped drinking and replaced it with a morning coffee. Most mornings I’d wake up, have a coffee and go to the gym. Abstaining and going to the gym really complemented each other, and I don’t think I could have done one without the other. Without abstaining I would not have the motivation to go to the gym – but since I was, I always genuinely always wanted to go and looked forward to it. And after the gym I’d feel great, and I think this in turn made it easier to abstain. So, I’d go to the gym more and more, and I’d find abstaining easier and easier. The two fed into each other and it worked beautifully. I’m now in really great shape which is awesome.

My erections were so good. I’m a guy that never gets morning wood, and I have used Cialis in the past. When I met my sweetheart, I didn’t have any drugs but didn’t even think about it. We’d kiss, I’d get an erection. We’d cuddle, I’d have an erection. We’d be naked, I’d have an erection. We’d have sex, I’d have an erection :D. It happened seamlessly.

Knowing I had this ability made me so comfortable. I had no worries. I was never rushed. We just enjoyed being naked together and let whatever happened come naturally. I felt completely in control and loved my body.

Now, the girl I was with was absolutely stunning which helped. I see girls in the street and think about having sex with a lot of them 🙂 But there are always a few that are so beautiful they just take my breath away. Your heart beats faster and you just …. want to hold them in your arms forever. My girlfriend was one of those girls, and I couldn’t believe I was actually making love to one. But, I think under normal circumstances I would have been nervous, and unable to perform. But this time there was no anxiety. It was how I imagined things in my fantasies. I kissed her, and it just felt so good. I could not stop kissing every inch of this beautiful girl and loved every moment of it. I’ve been with a lot of girls that I was just moderately attracted to, but being with a girl I found this beautiful really changed my perception of what sex and intimacy is all about.

That’s it for now. Eventually I had an orgasm with her, and to be honest it was a mistake. We’re apart from each other again, and I’ve been self medicating with alcohol and more orgasms. But, I know that after getting so much positive feedback from my last experience it won’t be long until I get back to abstinence. I’m definitely converted and I think I have, overall received enough positive feelings from this to override the positive feelings from porn and orgasm. It may not be for life but for the first time in about 5 years I really feel strongly that I’m on the right track, and I have actually experienced how great life can be with a real woman which is fantastic.

LINK My 3 months without orgasm

by EdgingAddict87