Age 26 – (ED) Two reboots: better but still not cured.

Hello, fellow travellers!

Where I started I had serious PIED that led to me not getting an erection and orgasm with someone else EVER (I am 26 now and sexually active since 17). I started getting interested into sex around 11/12, but didn’t start masturbating until 15. My sexual interests where fairly extreme even before starting masturbating. I went through a lot of porn genres throughout the years and it escalated a lot.

The first attempt …started about a year ago and lasted for just over 100 days. I had pretty good results and felt that my PIED would have vanished, but I never got around to testing it out. I then decided to try to refrain from porn and masturbate controlled. This went well for about a months and then I quickly picked up old habits. Unrelated to that I got into a depression for a couple of months that kept me from trying again.

Second attempt 130 days ago I regained my will and got back on track. I know a lot of you will hate me for this, but I honestly don’t have that much trouble to refrain from PMO. Which makes this challenge way easier, but might also be a sign of relatively overall libido. I am not sure.

The first attempt I felt the effects of the reboot quite well and felt comfortable in my skin, I felt horniness, which I had forgotten how it was. Now at this attempt I don’t feel any sexual energy most of the time. Two weeks or so I was dancing and making out with an unbelievably good looking and hot girl. Yes, it was a little weird because of other circumstancial reasons I don’t want to get into and I decided not to try to sleep with her despite taking her home with me (drunk, wanted to ride her bike, etc etc), but I didn’t even sport a semi sometime during the intimate dancing, energetic grinding or making out. After about 4 months of total abstinence I would think that this was the absolute minimum. But nope. Nothing.

Around day 50 or so I took a girl to bed and it didn’t work, but then I just assumed that it would take some more time again. I am kind of concerned about that.

Last weekend I went on a date with a girl and I haven’t felt that comfortable with someone that fast in a very long time. We got along splendidly and had a lot of fun. I’m probably gonna invite her over tomorrow and cook for her. So chances are, it’s gonna get serious and I’d like to be no tension of any kind there.

Today So today I was watching some series and lying there and I wondered if it would go smoothly, if I landed in bed with a girl again. I wanted to test out if I would get hard, but I had this thing where I would feel an orgasm approaching without getting hard. Took me some time to get it erect and unfortunately by then I couldn’t hold back and came. It was a quite rewarding orgasm and of unknown intensity eruption-vise. I don’t feel bad about it to be honest. The point being: During the first attempt I would get hard quite easily and definitely long before approaching orgasm and it wouldn’t deflate immediately afterwards within 5 seconds. I am not sure what to think.

I mean… after four months I wouldn’t expect a flatline. I had that around months 1 or two at both attempts so why would there be one after over 4 months? Did anyone experienced anything similar?

So… I’m not sure what to do. I need to get rid of my ED and now I am kind of worried, that it’s not PMO-related after all (not as a main cause at least). I was at the doctors about it before and they just told me that there is nothing wrong physically.

If anyone could give me any hints, I’d be very thankful.

TL;dr I had a fairly easy time at my second attempt but I either still have PIED after 4 months or a flatline and/or low libido, which seems weird when compared to my first attempt.

Cheers, Johnny

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