Age 26 – ED: Virgin with a new girlfriend

INITIAL POST – 26 virgin cause of ed

BY – LIfeISHellNow

I might just found out whats wrong with me…. at least I hope so :/  So I’m 26 and I’m still a virgin and it’s sad because I think I’m kinda successful in other things… finished university, have lots of money and have a decent looks (I think)…

Had my chances with girls, had them laying naked next to me but there was almost nothing happening to me. Now the problem that I know: I’m Internet addict, mmorpg addict, but I never thought porn can do this to me. I always thought it was my anxiety.

I found out about this movement and these ideas just few days ago, cuz I found a girlfriend just one week ago and I was freaked out I’m gonna fail again. I have a lot more to tell but I have a date in 20 min so gtg, gonna continue about some more facts later cuz I think those are the key things 🙂 hope I get some responses and can discuss a little with you guys, need some support :/

tl;dr – 26 virgin cause of porn (I think), found girlfriend and freaked out… 3 days of no pmo.


Day 41

So wasn’t here for some time. In that time had sex w/o cialis  1 time. At first erection was weak but after some penetration became really hard. I’m really happy about it.

Still not seen porn or masturbated alone, going strong on this. Not success story already but I’m pretty happy


May 03, 2013,

OK 1 question for you guys… I’m wondering is it normal to get boners for no reason? like I’m buying groceries and from nowhere I’m with a boner in the middle of shop… or I speak with my girlfriend on a phone and realise I’m with a boner… in some situations I don’t feel comfortable having a boner, especially where its no need for it…


REBOOT POST – For me its a great success

May 11, 2013

So a bit of my story. I was a 26 years old virgin just a few months ago. Tried it with girls before but couldn’t get an erection at any point. Then just 1.5 month ago found a new girlfriend and freaked out that I’m gonna fail again. Surfed Internet to find whats wrong with me and found YBOP and this forum. Started reboot with no questions asked

First week was a tragedy, huge depression and etc… after that things started to get better. Tried my first sex after like a month with cialis. Then took half of the pill, until i could get it up w/o the pill.

Now just few days ago I tried an experiment on myself – sex in the middle of the day when I’m not even in a mood for it. And it worked just fine. No pills, no PIED, everything just fine. What’s important – no anxiety at all.

I think having a girlfriend helped me a lot too, but this reboot thing works, really works. That’s a great success for me. I’m like a new man now. Now i can get my mind onto other things than just sex and there are really more important things in life.

Thanks to all people who replied to my short journal and especially for gameover who gave me some good advices. keep going guy and don’t give up. I’m still keeping on no PMO and no mo, doing it just with a girl.