Age 26 – ED: went from mediocre to nonexistent erections to seriously being hard nonstop

It’s been over 6 months since I discovered the /r/nofap community and YBOP. Since then, I’ve made it 90 days without fapping, fapped occasionally after that, and PMO’d once (in that order). I’m also convinced that I’ve beaten my porn-induced ED that has plagued me for years. I have had plenty of sex in my life, but also have had many times where I couldn’t get hard at all.

The Results: In spite of a few relapses (and one very unsatisfying PMO), I am confident in saying my ED is almost completely gone. In the last few weeks I’ve been having sex ~3 times a night. In the last 24 Hours I’ve had sex 7 times, and every single time I was 100% hard. I am usually good to go shortly after I finish. I can’t tell you how much of a weight has been lifted off my mind. I honestly feel like a new man, and I no longer fear going out and drinking (with the intention of getting laid at the end of the night), planning for sex, or any of the things that used to make me very nervous in the past. I can now get hard within seconds of my girlfriend and I fooling around.

Occasionally I still have a little trouble getting hard, but it’s very temporary (think maybe 30 min – 1hr) and it is because I’m psyching myself out mentally — years of ED can do that to you. However, it gets better every day and is very rare that it occurs now. I imagine if I keep this up, it will disappear completely.

The Journey: It was a tough struggle. I had a 60+ day flatline, and have had many moments of serious doubt. I’ve dabbled with viagra, abstaining completely (though not for very long at a time), and having sex with my girlfriend (many times it was forced, mediocre, and unsatisfying due to a weak or nonexistent erection). Having a supportive girlfriend throughout the whole process helped me get through it. That being said, I probably took way longer to recover properly because I was constantly trying to test my ability to get erect with her. Every time there was a failure in that department, it was a huge mental setback. Those are not easy to recover from.

Above all the most helpful for me was stopping porn. I’m never going to watch porn again. I’ll probably fap here and there from time to time, but only thinking of my real life experiences, rather than fantasizing about imaginary women. Exercise, patience, and serious curtailing of fapping also helped get me to this point.

I have been through a lot, and I’m sure my story is rather unorganized and incoherent. I’m willing to answer any & all questions that any of you may have. You can check my history to see what I’ve gone through to an extent, but anything that’s not clear here I’d be happy to answer. I hope this story provides hope to those going through similar things that I did.

TL;DR: Holy fucking shit it works. Went from mediocre to nonexistent erections to seriously being hard nonstop and having tons of fantastic sex with no problems. Stick with it, folks. No matter how long it takes. /r/nofap, you’ve helped me become a new man!

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