Age 26 – I enjoy sex 100x more and my GF too


I am in my mid-twenties, started fapping for sure before I was 10 and never stopped for longer than few days when I did not have possibility. I actually perceived fapping as something good for my head as it releases stress in hard situations.

I am making my living from home as web designer so I have lot of time home alone and when coding and something does not work as I expect I take my dick out and fap, it relaxes me and I continue working.

Few months ago, I started procrastinate on everything, I was all the time lethargic, tired and so on. I started looking for solution and started with some personal development.

I actually tried nofap even though I did not know it actually exists, for me it was mostly as trial of my will.

Well my will sucked!

After few weeks, I came across official nofap and read some science behind it, it seemed logical so I gave it a try. I made it to day 24 and relapsed, relapsed for 1 week 4 times a day. My second try ended similar way.

I thought nofap will solve all my problems and get me back on track with my life.

It did not it demotivated me even more because I felt worthless that I am not even able to control my mind to not jerk off.

It takes much more than nofap to get ahead with your life. NoFap is not magical solution, it just part of it. Here is how I do it.

1st January I stopped smoking weed, totally. I will not whole year smoke a single joint I got hundreds of opportunities yet but I am still keeping it and I will.

When I started 3rd try of nofap – this round – I started as well to go to gym 3 times a week with proper fitness plan and proper eating.

Every single day I take cold shower in morning and meditate.

I bought paper notebook where I keep track of all these small goals and write every day what I did good, what I did wrong and what I should work on next day.

I wake up every day 7AM (I don’t have to).

I am aiming with all these small goals to 90% success. NoFap obviously is only one with 100% requirement.

Here are the benefits.

Confidence, I feel good about myself because I made huge progress, I walk with my head straight and look everybody in the eyes. I am no worse than anyone of them.

Physical health: I gain some weight in muscle, I feel I have better metabolism and generally more energy throughout a day.

I would say my skin got also better + hair, I thing that’s mostly thanks to cold showers.

Voice is for sure deeper because I have quite high pitch voice normally and now I feel I speak as a man.

I enjoy sex 100x more and my GF too.

I am more present in the moment.

I am super productive I am putting in more hours than ever before.

I should point also out that I am not on hard mode so benefits connected to sperm retention don’t apply on me as I unload usually at least once a day (I have very supporting girlfriend on my journey).

Extra tip: For those who procrastinate as I was, this changed the game for me. My only focus for whole working day is START AT INSERT TIME WHICH WORKS WITH YOUR SCHEDULE.

I every day start working at 10AM. First 15 – 30 minutes my brain resist, justify, thinking of other stuff etc. Just pull through and you will “wake up” at 8PM with bunch of work done. And it didn’t even hurt.

By the way I put this as one of my mini goals, that I will create some post for you guys, I am really not good at writing and English is not my first language. I hope that it makes at least little bit of sense and somebody find something useful or inspirational.

I am 26. And I wouldn’t say that any specific symptoms pointed me directly towards nofap. I was not satisfied with way of my life is going and was looking for solutions to improve it and nofap was one of it.

If you ask what I mean by life not going well. I was procrastinating in the worst possible way. I was very apathetic, nothing brought me joy. And all of this was happening even though objectively I really have good life. I live close to sea, have beautiful girlfriend, good paying job where I am boss, but yet from inside I felt I need change.

LINK – NOFAP is not solution… 50 days report

By chalapeno_guy