Age 26 – I realized all the benefits mentioned on YBOP

A quick history – 26 years old, good student in high school, got addicted to porn, cigarettes, and weed when I got to college. Dropped out of college 4 years later after failing. In the meantime I lied to my parents, friends, basically everyone. Re-enrolled and quit smoking too much weed and passed all my classes and finished my B.S degree and got a good job.

Ran into YBOP in April and went through one entire reboot without relapses. At the end of the reboot, I tried to quit smoking cigarettes and failed horribly. Felt bad about that and went on a huge binge for a month (2 PMO sessions/day). Now I’m free of cigarettes and I know I’m free of PMO.

Benefits – I realized all of the ones mentioned on YBOP at one point or another. Life is a whole lot better.

Future plans – kick ass in life, continue working out, and in the immediate future, kick internet addiction. I’m on the internet way too much. As a matter of fact, I can say that I am going to extend my addiction to all things digital. So I am about to take internet out of my life. Now I am going to subscribe to a newspaper and read it instead of logging on for news. I will print e-books and read them rather than on the computer.

Suggestions – make a strong determination, cold showers, get busy, exercise.

I think that is all the advice I can give you. You guys are more than welcome to check out my journal where I documented extensively. Since I’m all out of words of wisdom and to quit my addiction to the internet, I have to take some solid steps, and so, I bid adieu to this forum  :(.

Special thanks to

  • TheUnderdog – thanks for setting up this forum.
  • Gary and Marnia for doing the research and spreading the word out. I think you guys have served science well by serving huMANity lol.
  • steffy78, one more chance for continued support.
  • fromloss2boss for thought-provoking posts and recommending great books.
  • John4mylife, Onanymous for support and insightful posts
  • Redpill for support and SOLID advice

Thank you guys. My life wouldn’t be what it is now without you all supporting and encouraging me.


BY – fullset