Age 26 – Increased energy, Increased confidence, I became more disciplined


I little bit about my background. 26yo male from Greece. I know about NoFap a few years now but I was off most of the time. My previous biggest streak was 28 days iirc last year’s summer and I didn’t give it another try until this time I started my current streak on the first of September 2017.

My goal was to reach 120 days at the end of the year. I wanted a fully reboot to clean my brain from porn’s poison, also to increase my testosterone, fix my dopamine receptors to enjoy smalls things, help me become better with girls and become a better version of myself.

  • Any super powers?
    • Not really. The benefits I got are, increased energy, increased confidence, I became more disciplined (not in every aspect of my life but I still work on it), and definitely got much more self control on NoFap.
  • What about the urges?
  • I passed through many stages. Easy days, hard days, flatlines, loneliness, extreme urges, days that my mind wouldn’t stop fantasizing and day dreaming and times that I felt I was an addict with terrible withdrawal symptoms.

I remember at the beginning when I would get a strong boner, I used to squeeze my fists and take-hold big breaths or do pushups to stop them.

I also remember a few times when the urges were too strong, I cried to God for help, prayed and the urges disappeared!

  • Wet dreams? I had two of them. First one on day 13 and the last one on day 83.

To avoid them, avoid sexual triggers, don’t sleep on your belly, don’t drink too much water before sleep and avoid alcohol. If they happen don’t worry about it, its a natural way for your body to regulate the excess semen especially on the first month until your body get used to semen retention.

Stay away from social media and TV. On YouTube, if you want to listen to some songs that have some sexual triggering video (like many pop or hip hop songs), open the lyrics video instead of the official so you only listen and not watch.

Facebook? Better no. Open the messenger if you want to chat with someone. Avoid the news feed.

Instagram? HELL NO. Stay away from it, like you do with porn! Even better, delete it if you already haven’t.

  • The most important thing to succeed on NoFap?

Be determined and resolute on your decision to stop PMO and stick with it no matter what!

If you really want it bad, you will make it! If you are uncertain and you say lets try and see how it goes, you will fail and you will relapse 100%.

  • A good defense when you are weak to regain your willpower?

Get mad! Seriously! I want you to get mad! Get angry! Go to your mirror and yell yourself “I ain’t lose madafaka! I win!” or something similar to boost your motivation. Or listen to some epic-badass songs (for example I really like 2pac remixes. They saved me many times when I was thinking to relapse!).

  • Did I reboot?

The reboot definitely started to happen. I feel it since around day 80 but has more to come. Reboot isn’t something that happen in one day. Its a process that takes time. The more, the better. I now focus for 120-150 days.

I’ll post again later. Stay strong brothers and remember, Don’t count the days. Make the days count! 😉

LINK – 90 days. Benefits, tips and tricks and things I’ve learned

by Leonheart_