Age 26 – PE cured, strong erections, confidence, fetishes gone, 2 dozen benefits

Note: there’s probably nothing new that wasn’t stated on ybop or elsewhere. I only wrote this down to get it out of my head and to close this chapter of my life and move on! My tips may work for you or probably may not. At least they helped me^^

Age: 26, used masturbation since 10, and heavy porn since 14. In the last weeks, I had amazing successful intercourse three times,

I lasted much longer than the times before and I felt like a god (up to 30 minutes and I knew I could go on, but the girl wanted me to come). After my first successful intercourse, I felt sooo releaved and happy, I smiled all the way back home and greeted every person I met^^ I also had sore muscles in my butt (doggystyle^^).

Sexual History:

Before the recovery I had terrible experiences:  my first two times I was with a girl, my dick didn’t react in any way, total numbness (1 year ago). This freaked my out,I tried all sorts of pills etc. Nothing helped. I tried not to masturbate for a week,and then I noticed I’m not able to do it.

After a while, I discovered YBOP and it made click! I had a very looong reboot, because at first I didn’t believe in it that much, I relapsed way tooo often (mainly because I used the wrong blocking tools and some other problems in my life that kept me down).

This went on about half a year!But then I took all my willpower and did a month without PMO, what felt great. But, one morning I woke up with a really evil pain in the tip of my penis, so I decided to orgasm! After a while the pain got away, I think no one shared an experience like this, so no one knows. I then did a long time without any porn, and orgasmed only when I was really too horny (no porn or fantasies). So my erections got back more and more. Then I started  to try to have sex a little to early.

My experience was: some weak erections + PE (terrible combination). So I decided, reboot and rewire more until I felt I was ready to do it and *boing*: it worked!!

I have to admit that all my sexual encounters were with prostitute. I’m not proud of it, but actually it worked for me. Now that I know I can do it, I dont have any approach or perform anxiety and already established more real dates!


1. Block it block it! block it!

  • easiest way to prevent relapse: block it! Use K9(+k9safesearch) and OpenDNS like described on ybop (i wrote the password down but burned it, so no way back)
  • uninstall adobe flash!! (and block the adobe sites in the host files ( this kills ALL p-streaming sites at once! It’s much easier to overcome cravings and to notrelapse if you know (or at least tell your self) that there is no way to get videos or images on this computer!
  • Block your browser (leechblock in mozilla) or Internet connection at certain times (times when you are used to PMO). I blocked all sites (except a dating site and ybop) from 2 pm till mid night, so I had to do all other browsing activities in the morning (I  never PMOed in morning times)
  •  Block the keywords you tipped into google to find the things you liked

2. Accelerate Reboot:

  • like stated in:  rewire to your sensual touch! Lay in bed, close your eyes, breath deeply (5 secs in, 5 secs out) and use  two fingers to touch your body or massage yourself, your penis and testicles. For me, this was the break through, after a long reboot and only little progress!
  • don’t focus on the 90+x days straight, but on just one day at a time. I just made an ‘X’ in my calendar and forgot about it. Personally, I’m better off with “today is a day free of PMO” than counting days and set the counter back and so on. Just be in the now, and there is no PMO! If you relapse, forget about it!! Its all about long term habit changing not about counting days!
  • be a little too confident! I told my self, that porn movies in which I’m not the main actor are boring and the guys in the movies cant f*ck at all! Really, I do better!!! ;)
  • FORGET FORGET FORGET!! DO not watch it! Tell your self you want to DO it, not to WATCH other people do it!! If you’re hungry and you watch other people eating – doesn’t help!  If you’re poor and watch someone win 1 million dollar -> doesn’t help!  You’re the person of interest!! Doing >> watching other people!!! DO it yourself!
  •  Link the word ‘porn’ to the YBOP-website! This also helped me alot! One year ago, just the word ‘porn’ triggered me. Now I think only of the boring^^ ol’ YBOP-website

3. Overcome PE:

  • Reasons for PE: too stressed, too much thinking, not in the moment think of this: when an old primitive hunter caveman guy had sex, this was the time he was most vulnerable to attacks. He couldn’t watch his environment and was handicapped by an erection, too. So he had hard times to fight or flee. So, in case of danger, he had two options: loose erection (ED) or ejaculate quickly (PE) 
  • In addition, most boys don’t train them self to last 1 hour, but to jerk off in 3 minutes because they fear someone might catch them fapping. BAD HABIT!
  • So first, tell yourself you like the place you’re having intercourse and you dont want to leave this place! Tell yourself nobody wants anything from you, if you’re with a girl, you’re completely free!
  • Relax, relax, relax and feel good! Relaxation is the key! DO NO THINK, if you really need to think – think of your breathing and how relaxed you are!
  • Meditate and practice breathing ( not have intercourse and force an erection if you’re not able to get a strong erection easily by a little sensual touch without fantasizing or looking at porn. wait until you know you’re ready. if you notice you can get an erection only by touch regularly you can go for intercourse. (I didn’t to that, so I had trouble to get it up several times and concentrated so much on a hard erection that when i penetrated i immediately orgasmed, which totally sucks!
  • Also do not use your PC muscles to get or maintain an erection!!! This is not the way it works! Really make sure you can get erections easily and you don’t have to think anymore about this! Of course you can practice your PC muscles, but don’t use them to get hard, you should get hard with total RELAXATION!
  • Try hypnosis! If your like the idea and are open-minded it can work. I used ‘Wendi Friesen – Stay Hard Premature Ejaculation Cure’. Just google it, it might work.
  • Always watch your arousal level, if it gets too near to climax, take a deeep breath in (really deep) and stop stimulation. Notice that your arousal level drops and then continue.
  • if you are close to the point of no return, but want to last further:
    • pull your testicles
    • play with your tongue on the top of your mouth
    • make a fist with your hand or do anything that is a distraction
    • practice an energy circulation (breath in: imagine all your sexual energy flows from your pelvic into the top of your brain, breath out: and let your energy flow into another body part (hands, feet)
    • concentrate on the feelings of another body part (foot e.g.), what does it do/touch/feel
    • make a variety of thrusts  2x deep, 3x not deep, 1x deep, 5x not deep etc   
    • pull it out!!! breath! relax! continue or
    • change positions!!

4. PE regarding no PMO for along time:

Be aware, that this long time without orgasm and images is to unwire yourself and get your sensitivity back. You might say: Such a long abstinence isn’t good because you will come immediately when you’re with a girl. But that’s not the point. This no PMO thing will make your penis sensitive for touch to get a rock hard erection!!! Nothing to do with PE! All this PE problems are linked to bad habits, wrong breathing and stress. Of course if you haven orgasmed for a month its likely that you’re can’t last THAT long, but you can still learn to control your ejaculation no matter what time of abstinence. DO not think too much about this ‘when was the last time I ejaculated’, it should’nt matter!!

Relax, breath, if you’re to much aroused, stop stimulation, relax take it slow! Before I didn’t managed my PE, I had PE when I had an abstinence of 15 days but also with only 8 hours.

I now have a masturbation schedule of 10 days. Every 10 days I allow myself to release in case I’m horny and I take my time to do it! Just train yourself to long sexual touch, with a girl or with yourself!

5. Regarding PUA

I had the best experiences with RSD (Tyler Durden/Owen Cook etc) ( v=3nsyIR3QdqI) and the guys from SimplePickUp. Kezia Noble is also worth a look. People might argue about PUA, but if you like the ideas choose one artist that is similar to yourself, it should work out. I’m personally not into this ‘sleep with as many women as you can’, I just search a cool girlfriend and all this pick up stuff really helped me. I was trapped in the old friend-zone way to long. Now I show intent (which was my major sticking point) and I don’t fear rejection, I just laugh about her if she rejects me, it’s her problem after all…


  1. bigger and longer penis (looks healthy, too)
  2. hard, lasting erections
  3. friends noticed change in confident, mood and appearance (I’m working out^^)
  4. more centered and focused
  5. dreams are back
  6. night + morning erections are back (at least some times)
  7. normal peeing (in PMO times, i had to go to the toilet waaay to often) +  no more shy bladder
  8. some fetishes have compeletly gone
  9. all fetishes have lost their power, there are things that i still like and want to try, but its only a ‘nice-to-have’ thing now
  10. I totally went from submissive to dominant
  11. as porn memory are forgotten, fantasies died also
  12. positive outlook
  13. I look every girl directly into the eyes + I notice that girls are noticing me
  14. I often just go ‘wooow’ when I see a girl I like or just talk to her (easy with the ‘perfect is boring’ mind set)
  15. I have my own opinion and I’m not any more Mr Nice Guy who want to please every one around him
  16. blast in confidence (f*ck the rest, I’m the best)
  17. confidence in talking about sex (when i heard other people talk about it, I really felt as an alien)
  18. positive thinking!
  19. able to relax almost anywhere at any time
  20.  I love myself! + total inner change (also thanks to some pua motivational material)
  21. I’m 200% more the person I really am and not anymore this numbed unhappy person that always does things he actually doesnt want to do
  22. Now, I catch myself thinking ‘oh no I have an erection, again! Ahh, not now, go away’ haha like in highschool lol

Recommended readings:

  • Eckardt Tolle, Power of Now (helped me with sex, PUA and almost anything, I also can sleep immidiately after going to bed)
  • Vinny G., Control the Crazy: My Plan to Stop Stressing, Avoid Drama, and Maintain Inner Coo
  • Cupid’S Poisoned Arrow
  • Daniel Rose’s Sex God Method (only read after reboot, might be triggerish)
  • No more Mr. Nice Guy
  • Practical Female Psychology for the Practical Man (great practical advice!)
  • Real Social Dynamics (Tyler Durden) – The Blueprint Decoded DVDs

Recommended TV shows/Movies:

  • Califonication
  • Jersey Shore
  • Rocky 1-6
  • Call me Fitz

Last words:

Do not waste time! You want a fast cure? DO NOT WATCH IT! BELIEVE IT AND BELIEVE IN YOU!

Be a God in your brain and you’re likely to be one in bed!!

Do what you can to get what you want! Nothing to loose!!

LINK – Success + Experience + Thoughts/Tips

BY – Nod