Age 26 – PIED, confidence, moving out on my own


I will be 27 in July. First time I had contact with porn, was at age 7 or even younger. I’ve been jacking it for 19 years now. But I wasn’t doing it like 7 times a day. It was just once and that’s it. Well why did I begin NoFap?

I was just sick and tired of how my life was turning out. I felt good after jacking so I never tried to experience things in life. Now at 90 days I feel like a free bird. I still live with parents, but now I’m going to rent a apartment here in a couple of weeks and buy myself a car. In the end I just wanted a change and NoFap is giving me a chance.

Benefits: confidence, feels like my vision is better because I don’t stare at the monitor all the time. You’re not afraid to talk to people. (I myself always have kept to myself) now I start conversations and respond well to others. I started dating again. Those typically go well. Feels like all my facial hair and other hair is growing at a faster rate. Being rock hard now. More energy. More positivity. There is a whole bunch of small things that improve.

Had maybe 2 wet dreams. First one was about 2 weeks in. It was of course pmo in the dream state. Felt like shit after, but persevered. Second wet dream, well I don’t remember it that well. I tried to avoid the ladies during the 90 days. I gave into tinder at about 70 days. Went on a few dates. Great experiences. NoFap definitely helps with self confidence. I can look people in the eyes and talk like a normal person. I’m not as shy as I was before. Still get your embarrassing moments but they have to be really embarrassing, not something that doesn’t matter.

Best way I dealt with my urges, was to keep saying to myself “no, it’s not worth it”! Everything during a shower. When I get done, I turn it to cold for a few seconds. That helps. Getting rid of porn stashes and not watching provocative content, helps. Reading books. Gym.

[Why did I try NoFap?] I’d not pmo for days at a time. And did notice that I was much harder and hornier by not fapping. By fapping, I had no desire to go out into the real world and meet women. After pmo’ing for extended periods, I just had to reboot. There would be days where I want to pmo but my Willie wasn’t having it.

LINK – 90 of 90 days

By pycckue